Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Gluten Free Thai Red Prawn Curry - Recipe

Moving out is expensive. I'm at the age where I'm paying too much for rent/commuting and not getting paid enough to live comfortably. (clearly feeling sorry for myself today!) I'm also pretty guilty of payday splurges and finally caving for that dress I've not been able to afford all month, or a new beauty release I keep eyeing up on Instagram. As a result, I end up scrimping and saving by the end of the month in every way possible. 

When I was asked to get involved in this Payday Millionaire campaign it was perfect for me. I've tried really hard to keep myself eating well during the entire month, so am a massive fan of meal prep and bulk cooking. If you want me to do a post on how I do this weekly I'm happy to, and also keen to share more recipe ideas with you all! Oh, and if you want to read more about the payday splurge, this article has some hilarious memes and really fascinating facts.

Christmas is almost here, and with the cold weather I've had a desperate need for warm lunches. I'm a pretty lazy chef, so cooking in bulk on a Sunday and freeze for many meals is definitely a go to for me. This Thai Red Curry is one of my favourites, the paste recipe makes 7 batches, each of which make 5 meals, which is unbelievable.

It's Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free and if you miss out the Prawns it's even Vegan. Or if you're feeling a little more lazy, there's a quick substitute making it a 10 minute recipe.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Colourpop Haul! - UK Shipping and Customs

A few weeks ago my Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit ran out (waaaah) and after desperately resisting another expensive order, I went on the hunt for dupes. Of course, Colourpop is ALWAYS mentioned when you look for Kylie dupes so when I saw they had free international shipping, 20% off best sellers and a $5 sign up code, I couldn't resist.

The international shipping required over a $50 spend so with the code I needed to spend $55. In total I ordered, 7 liquid lipsticks, 1 gel liner, 2 eyeshadows and 1 lip pencil. For just short of £40 I didn't think that was bad at all and was incredibly excited to get my order.

Colourpop Shadows in Elixir and Drift

I ordered on 6th November and my postman delivered the wonderful customs note on the 17th November, meaning I got the parcel on the 19th after another £17 payment. Yep, ouch. Unfortunately I find customs puts such a downer on a delivery and it really did ruin the whole experience for me. Admittedly, £57 for everything I got still wasn't bad, but it made me even more determined to love everything. I was lucky when I ordered from Kyliecosmetics as I never received Customs, meaning for 4 lip kits I spent £89. They're by far my favourite lip products so my expectations for these Colourpop ones were very high. The reason it was so high is because Colourpop listed the full price of products, not accounting for the discount I got on my order, so my estimate of customs tax was way off!

I've obviously tried everything from my haul now now and am going to write an in-depth comparison vs Kylie and also NYX Lingerie, so keep tuned!! A lot of these colours look very different in the tubes to on the lips, so definitely research swatches before you purchase so you know you're happy! You'll have to wait until the Kylie comparison to see if I found a dupe for my beloved Candy K.

My favourite part of this haul was actually the products I was least excited about, I am in LOVE with the eyeshadows. They're creamy shadows and require a finger to blend but they're just incredible and so long lasting. I use them all over my lid for work and they honestly don't budge all day! If you're going to pick up anything, make sure you add a few to your basket! Elixir is the most incredible orange and is exactly what I've been missing in my eyeshadow collection. I've worn it everyday for a fortnight now and can't see myself stopping any time soon!

L-R: Bumble, Bianca, Midi, Beeper, Trap, Clueless, Avenue
Would you like to see a comparison of Colourpop vs Kylie and NYX? 

Laura xx


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

10 things I learnt while studying Fashion at University

Hey everyone! So, I've planned out a series of posts all covering what's happened in my absence from blogging. These are going to be summed up in a number of posts; Studying Fashion at University being the first. I'm also going to cover getting my first job in fashion and all of that, so hopefully it'll call for some interesting reading!

But for this one, here's 10 things I learnt whilst studying Fashion at University.

1. You're told from day one what an unrealistic career it is. 

If you want to be the next big Fashion Designer - you can probably dream on. Unless you've gone to one of the top uni's I'd say it's almost impossible. Potentially yeah, you can make money from it, but you'll regularly be told how hard it'll be, be encouraged to take unpaid internships and spend thousands on a course that will probably be the last designing you do. Our graduation speech was even one big joke about what a waste of time art college is - congratulations BA Honours students!!

2. It's essentially a teach it yourself course.

I had 3 lectures a year and minimal teaching time - it worked out over £100 an hour. Brill.

3. Your loan definitely won't cover the course costs.

That craps expensive.

4. Being all 'Fashioney' means sunglasses are always acceptable.

Hoorah for covering up those hangovers. *perks*

5. It's all subjective.

And yep - the teachers have favourites. (can you tell I'm very slightly bitter here?)

6. 'It's not about what you know - it's who you know'

Not only will they tell you this, you'll also realise it very quickly. Universities have connections with companies which result in internships, placements and work projects. Do your research!! (we did a fab Louis Vuitton exhibition which was a brilliant experience)

7. That end of year stress still exists.

Fashion is definitely not an easy course, try writing your 10,000 dissertation based on a simultaneous project and handing it in at the start of January. Then sitting through the next 7 months of other students moaning that theirs is due in June and they're so stressed about it. *sigh*

8. Shopping is basically research.

Expect to feel very guilty about your bank balance.

9. Oh and coffee is life.

If you don't love it yet, you will. Let those late night library sessions and weekend sewing panics begin. 

10. And after all of that, it doesn't really prepare you for anything.

The Devil wears Prada taught me more than my degree. Fashion is bitchy. Work will always suck a little bit. And yes - you'll do coffee runs, overtime, weekend work and nope, you won't even get paid as much as your part time bar job you used to do. Don't let the unpaid internships fool you, be prepared for that kind of stuff for your entire career (unless you're Anna Wintour of course).

Hope you all enjoyed that lighthearted approach to Fashion courses at university. Honestly I love working in fashion and I wouldn't change my career path for the world (butterfly effect and all that) but hopefully this is an honest look at what you can prepare for if you're going to study Fashion.

Laura xx


Thursday, 29 September 2016

So... It's been a while

I should probably start by explaining where I've been.

Since I last properly posted; I officially graduated from University (with a 2:2, 0.25% off a 2:1 cos I'm an unlucky human), I worked a year at Miss Selfridge before finally breaking from the commuting and sheer stress of it all, something which probably requires a full post. I luckily got a new job based much closer to home working for Primark a few months ago and most recently I moved out officially, not just a temporary uni house, but proper moved out out.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Late Night Stroll in Bath

Hi Guys! So I've been terrible AGAIN, I've had the most manic month and honestly haven't felt like blogging. I've taken lots of photos with good intentions though, so you're getting lots of posts coming up. I'm scheduling a ton today, so this is no lie!

A couple of months ago (yep see, terrible!) I took my boyfriend away to Bath for the weekend. We don't see each other often so when we do it's lovely to get away and do something new. I fell in love with the city, the things to see and of course, places to eat.

We were told by a local to visit the Roman Baths in the evening, not joining the queues in the day. We headed down all ready for dinner to be greeted by an open door with no queue. It was really quiet inside and so incredible. We even hopped onto a tour at the end and had a brilliant tour guide telling us about the Baths, but for the rest of the time, they supplied radios to tell you about each exhibit as you went around.

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