Thursday, 31 May 2012


Dress TK Maxx (old), Hot pants & socks Topshop, bandeau New Look , Shoes Lillies

I found this dress in the bottom of one of my drawers and cant beleive I had forgotten about it, I absolutely love all the lace detailing and sheer fabric! I think this is probably the girliest item of clothing I own and I dont often do dressing girly so thats probably why haha. I tried to make it a bit more to my style by toughening it up a little by throwing on my creepers and just wearing my topshop hot pants and a bandeau top underneath so it didnt look as innocent and reserved as it usually does with the slip it came with. I gained inspiration for this look through what Lydia from The only way is essex wore in an episode (here ), I am literally in love with her dress!
Today has been another lazy day just revising and snuggling with my cat. I have work later boo, but thats my last shift for over a week! I had forgotten I had booked some holiday so was very excited to discover that the other day!

Mina xxxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nasty Gal

Over the past few weeks I've seen this website being mentioned more and more over blogs. I eventually had a look and fell in LOVE. There's a lot I want but definitely can't afford, but a few pieces I think I might buy. I get nervous ordering from websites for the first time so hopefully it's all good quality, I'm sure I'll post reviews about any I do buy anyway!

This studded collar shirt is AMAZING. I've wanted a studded collar shirt for ages, I love the infamous Zara one, but never brought myself to buy it as I still find it too plain. I really like the cut out shoulders in this one, and for £30 I think it's priced reasonably!

I love this cut out romper, It's really simple but the cuts are a lovely detail. The colour is also amazing, definitely will invest in this for summer! Playsuits are my favourite things!

I own so many crop tops now, but for about a year I've wanted a long sleeve one, this white scooped crop top is so nice, but a little pricey for a plain top, so I'm really undecided. It'd be perfect for cooler summer days. 

And finally a plain black top with cut out cross detailing. It's also very pricey for a reasonably plain top, and may result in some interesting tan lines, but I really like it! The circular cuts look really good! Tempted to try create my own one, so if anyone knows any helpful DIY videos for something like it please let me know!

Laura xxxx


Cut Out

All thrifted apart from boots which are from Topshop
So far i've just been having a lazy day today relaxing in my garden enjoying what is probably the last of the sun and revising for my exams. God I can't wait till they're over! My outfit's quite simple today just the black shorts I spoke about in my last post, still undecided what I'm going to do with them, and this black and silver top I found in a charity shop a long time ago. I sort of DIY'ed it to make it look like it has a cut out design when worn and I really like the effect - I feel it makes it slightly more interesting! Now regrettably I must get back to revising everything under the sun about sociology :( waaaah

Mina xxxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer Studs


Top, Shorts, Hand Chain - Topshop, Ring - Ebay.

So I've been pretty absent from blogging for a few days, have been revising, working and sunbathing. Ended up at my boyfriends this weekend so got a shopping trip in Birmingham, makes me realise how rubbish my home town is for shops! 
These shorts are from Topshop, so are obviously ridiculously short like all of their clothes, but I just love the studs. I know it can be DIY'd but I wouldn't have the patience. It's also impossible for me to find shorts that fit well because of my awkwardly large hips and tiny waist, but these in a 10 were perfect!
I bought another one of the crop t-shirts, a pink-orangey colour, trying to add more bright colours to my wardrobe! These tops are so nice with any high-waisted shorts or skirts, and have been great for this boiling weather we've had, Mina and I probably own every colour between us already! 

Laura xxxx


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Welcome to the good life

Top, Boots and socks Topshop , Belt and shorts vintage/thrifted
Wow its still hot in england! I'm enjoying the last of the sun in my garden listening to some old kanye west (hence the post title) and feeling disappointed that im not going to his Watch the Throne tour :( boo I would pay so much to see him and Jay Z. Im going out with my boyfriend and one of our close friends for some casual drinks later on which will be nice. I popped into town today to get my mums birthday present and decided to have a look in my favourite charity shops and guess what I found... Levi jeans in my size for £3! I was literally estatic, I always find levi's and they're never my size. I pretty much ran home, cut them into shorts and put them on straight away haha. I also found some black highwaisted jeans that I will be turning into shorts and possibly acid washing/ dip dying with bleach or maybe having a go at recreating galaxy print like these (so beautiful) help me decide! I do need some plain black shorts though, what a dilema! My hairs such a mess but I wanted to show you the hair piece I made out of some old hair extensions. I basically took the smallest weft I had, plaited it and slipped a few pretty beads on the end and managed to attach a feather I had from a hair tie from primark that I didnt really like, It was quite fiddly but I like the outcome. I had been debating doing this to my actual hair (Captain Jack Sparrow inspired) but then I realised it wasnt really practical to have feathers and shiz in your hair 24/7 if you're not a pirate haha.

Mina xxxx

ps. I notice we have alot of new followers! hello! Its really gratifying to know that people are interested in what I have to say and stuff so thank you :)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Jeepers Creepers

Socks and shorts Topshop , boob tube Miss Selfridge , shoes lillies

Hey guys, pretty basic outfit just shorts and a boobtube because its sooo hot here in England! Its my last day of college EVER woo and my first exam :( pretty scared but I have been working hard so hopefully it pays off. Fingers crossed. I mainly just wanted to show you all my beautiful new shoes - No they arent real creepers (Im poor this month) but I think these are a pretty good copy and for £25... Bargin. I have been debating getting creepers for the last few months but I was unsure of whether they would go with many clothes I own and with the high price tag I didnt know if i'd get enough wear out of them, When I spotted these I thought it would be perfect to try them out and help me decide whether real ones will be worth it. What do you all think... are creepers worth the money?

Mina xxxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Bodysuit - American Apparel, Skirt - H&M, Socks - Topshop, Wedges - Zara, Rings - Ebay

Sorry about how rushed these photos look! I spent all day in the sun and so just took these now before going out for my friends birthday, the light was basically gone and I didn't have long to take them!
This is quite typical of something I'd wear out, I'm not one for overly fitted dresses and I hate seeing someone in the same outfit. I bought this bodysuit the same day as my disco pants, it was a very expensive trip to Selfridges! I absolutely love it, apart from how sheer it is, I've tried almost every trick in the book and my current one seems to be the best. Feel like it'll be fine when my hairs an inch longer. Inspiration from Millie Mackintosh means I will definitely be wearing this on holiday, me and my boyfriend are looking to go to Egypt! Very excited.
I'm wearing it with my mint skirt, my blue wedges I posted about yesterday and socks. I never liked the socks and heels/wedges trend, but I needed my toes covered and once I tried it I actually really liked it! 

Laura xxxx

Material girl

Bandeau New Look , Skirt H&M , Jacket Vintage, Shoes Topshop, Nails Boots

Sorry quite a picture heavy post today! The weather is lovely so I thought Id take my outfit photos outside. Im wearing a simple black bandeau top with one of the high waisted skirts from H&M that me and Laura both have - I think she will agree too that they are most definitely a wardrobe staple! Paired these with my vintage denim jacket but I dont think i'll be needing it, its pretty hot already and it's only 9 o'clock! Im wearing these Topshop sandles that I bought last year and forgot about untill recently! They're pretty much flatforms so right on trend for this season and I love how chunky they are - I dont do dainty shoes haha. 
Actually have done my nails for once and co ordinated with my outfit so I thought I'd show you. This nail polish was only cheap its collection 2000 "hot looks" in number 48 "candyfloss", Although Its cheap I feel it's quite good quality I only had to do 2 layers to get a really opaque colour and so far I've had no chips.
Im just chilling in my garden listening to music and doing a bit of revision before I have to go to my only lesson today then im off to relax in the sun and later me and the boyfriend are having a bbq - what a nice day!

Mina xxxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I bought this month

I was planning on doing a post like this after my shopping trip friday, but I'm ill today and didn't fancy an outfit post or anything, so here you go! My buys over the past month or so.

Galaxy print leggings - Chicwish, Tie-dye top - found, Shirt - Zara, Blue wedges - Zara, Jewellery - Topshop, Bag - Accessorize, Wake me up Rimmel foundation, Topshop Lipstick

I have featured the leggings and shirt before (here and here), and am wearing the wedges out tomorrow so will show you then. I found the tie-dye top in my room, I'm guessing it was amoung the clothes my sister gave me when she got pregnant, but I absolutely love it, there isn't much print on it, so its really subtle but cute. I got the bag as a late birthday present from my sister, I love pastel colours and wanted one of the Topshop pastel bags, but loved this even more when I opened it! Jewellery is just a must buy whenever I see some I like, and I loved all three pieces. 
 The rounded necklace I bought to go with this dress for my sisters hen-do. A sheer-maxi dress with a black under-dress, from Zara. It was a really reasonable price and I love it! The dress underneath can be made to be quite long, so this will probably be my Ascot outfit when I go with my boyfriend in june!
 Wake-me-up foundation is definitely some of the best I've tried. I don't tend to fake tan because I tan easily in the summer, so It's difficult to find a nice foundation that isn't too pale or too orange. It covers really well and doesn't dry out skin at all! I only end up using a small amount to cover my face, so I feel like it'll last for ages too! I never wear lipsticks, but I've been looking for one this colour for ages. It is a Lipstick from Topshop, the first makeup by them I've tried and I love it! Will definitely get a few more shades on friday!

Laura xxxx


Monday, 21 May 2012

All black everything

Top and Boots Topshop , Leggings Primark, Fur Collar H&M, Earrings Miss Selfridge

Mina xxxx

Fringe top

 Fringed bandeau - Rebublic, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Ebay, Rings - Various, Bracelet - Grandparents.

Laura xxxx

Week 1

Hey guys, so week one of our blog is over! How exciting! Its amazing to already have followers and so many views in so many countries. It's also been alot of fun doing it too, we never thought we'd enjoy having to take lots of photos of ourselves each day, but it feels worthwhile. We will be carrying on with our outfit posts, got plenty more to show you all! Also may be trying a few products, and testing a few online stores, giving you our feedback. 
We've just had a chilled afternoon window shopping in preparation for payday, and eating subway. Took an outfit post each for you guys, so we'll be putting them up shortly!

Mina and Laura xxxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Shades of blue

Disco Pants - American Apparel, Shirt - Zara, Ring - Ebay, Hand chain - Topshop, Wedges - Peacocks

After my long weekend at work I really don't want to do anything, 40 hours this week coming as well, on-top of my last ever week at college. Rewarding myself with a massive shopping trip on pay-day, I'll do a haul post of all my buys this month after!
This shirt is one of them, I don't own enough bright clothes and I love the pattern! I was buying bright blue wedges too so it all matched my disco pants perfectly and I had to. Not to mention the added bonus of my friends working in Zara and getting their discount occasionally. It's a lovely soft silky material, so is really comfy, but dressy enough to wear out too.
Spending tomorrow with Mina, even though I'm being naughty skipping our only college lesson, so will hopefully do a week of photos together or some other joint post about blogging week one! It's been exciting.

Laura xxxx


You fit me better than my favourite sweater

Jumper Newbury clothing warehouse, Shirt also from Newbury Warehouse but originally BHS,
shoes and jeans both Topshop
Hey guys not a very glamourous outfit today! I've just got home from work and im just off to my boyfriends - after over a year together theres not much need to make tonnes of effort he see's me first thing in the morning haha. I do like this outfit though! I love the classic look of blue jeans and white button up shirt. This jumper was originally lover boys that I bought for him from a clothes warehouse in newbury but its so cosy and cute that I've stolen it back haha. Im so tired (as you can tell from picture number 3, cant even keep my eyes open!) looking forward to snuggling up in bed and watching sunday evening tv.

Mina xxxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

If I was a rich girl

Today I have been so hungover my day has consisted of browsing online looking longingly at all these beautiful clothes and watching nearly every episode of Green Wing. I need all these clothes, why cant someone just give me a a couple of hundred pounds? Any takers? haha. 1. Chicwish I love how slouchy this top looks and the print is beautiful. 2. River Island I want this so bad how cute would it be with some highwaisted denim shorts? mmm. 3. River Island perfect for summer and I want some more pink in my wardrobe I think im finally becoming a bit more girly. 4. Moto via Asos I have some Topshop hotpants which are a simular cut to these and I wear them all the time, I love the print too. 5. Office I know creepers arent everyones cup of tea but personally I love them and feel it may soon be time to give in to my craving and buy a pair. 6. Jeffrey Campbell Online Just look at them. One day these will be mine. 7. Topshop I want a pair of ombre shorts, tempted to DIY an old pair I already have though. 8. River Island I need a new swimsuit for summer and how perfect is this one? I have problems with swimming costumes though being a skinny girl with boobs so me and this beautiful thing might not be compatible :( 9. Topshop Uh sort of just want these so I can mince about in them pretending to be about 7 again haha but they'd look cute on the beach!

Mina xxxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Studded crop

Leather Jacket - Market, Fur Collar, Skirt - H&M, Top, Socks, Hand Chain - Topshop, Chelsea Boots - River Island

I have this skirt in pink and this mint green colour, and I love both. The skirts are perfect for anything! They're from H&M and were really cheap, this green one was 2 pounds in the sale so I had to buy it. Wearing it with this top I bought a couple of months ago. I love it but they've sewn on the studs with non-stretchy thread, making it IMPOSSIBLE to put on, end up scratching myself with them while trying. It was featured in MORE magazine the other day, an article on 5 ways to wear it, but I can't find an image of it anywhere to show you. Definitely worth a read, some really interesting ideas! Wore this with my old leather jacket I got for a fiver at a market, it has a hood but I tuck it in and chuck on my fur collar to make it look a lot nicer. All teamed with my Chelsea boots and a pair of frilly socks which I own hundreds of.
Since my life consists of college and work, it's become so dull. Not that I don't love my job, but I cannot wait to quit for university. Today wasn't bad, I've got a really sore throat so Shaun was delivering me hot blackcurrant throughout my shift, it was beautiful. 12 hour shift tomorrow and Sunday, normal weekend routine, so no blogging for me!

Laura xxxx

River Island Wishlist

My long list of wants from River Island, some via ASOS. 
1. I've seen lots of Ombre Jumpers around, but I love the metallic look this one has and the colours! 2. I picked this up and got as far as the till with it when shopping in Birmingham with my boyfriend, wish he'd forced me to buy it, fallen even more in love after seeing Anouska's post on it! 3. This beach cover up just looks perfect for a holiday, definitely getting it. 4. Most amazing swimsuit. I've bought one before but I get worried about tan-lines, decided to not care because this will look amazing with a tan! Pay-day shopping list. 5. I want dip-dye style shorts, most of the Topshop ones are too extreme and Mina is claiming the nicest, so I'm pleased I've found these! It's really subtle and the studs finish it off so nicely. It does have some tribal fabric down one side I'm unsure on but oh well. 6. I love playsuits, they're the best things, and this is the cutest one I've seen in ages. So summery! 7. Need flatforms, the end. 8. I love the colour block on these! Need more new going out wedges so may have to invest!

Laura xxxx


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hurry up summer

Top & Blazer Thrifted, Shorts Topshop , Shoes Nine West

Quite a summery outfit today, the sun was out when I woke up and I've been looking for an excuse to wear this cute crotchet top I found in one of my local charity shops last week. I think its perfect for lazy summer days and for £2 im not complaining haha. I teemed it with my favourite highwaisted Topshop shorts and my tweed blazer (another charity shop bargin.... £2.50!). I'm a bit of a charity shop addict its just so much more exciting than normal shopping as you never know what you're going to find, plus its alot cheaper! I put on my black Nine West wedges for a bit of height as I'm only 5ft 3! I love these shoes, soo comfortable I can wear them all day easily. Just cant wait for summer to be here so I can wear this outfit with cute sandles and bare legs.

Mina xxxx
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