Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Material girl

Bandeau New Look , Skirt H&M , Jacket Vintage, Shoes Topshop, Nails Boots

Sorry quite a picture heavy post today! The weather is lovely so I thought Id take my outfit photos outside. Im wearing a simple black bandeau top with one of the high waisted skirts from H&M that me and Laura both have - I think she will agree too that they are most definitely a wardrobe staple! Paired these with my vintage denim jacket but I dont think i'll be needing it, its pretty hot already and it's only 9 o'clock! Im wearing these Topshop sandles that I bought last year and forgot about untill recently! They're pretty much flatforms so right on trend for this season and I love how chunky they are - I dont do dainty shoes haha. 
Actually have done my nails for once and co ordinated with my outfit so I thought I'd show you. This nail polish was only cheap its collection 2000 "hot looks" in number 48 "candyfloss", Although Its cheap I feel it's quite good quality I only had to do 2 layers to get a really opaque colour and so far I've had no chips.
Im just chilling in my garden listening to music and doing a bit of revision before I have to go to my only lesson today then im off to relax in the sun and later me and the boyfriend are having a bbq - what a nice day!

Mina xxxx


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this outfit, looks gorgeous!!x

Emily said...

You look so lovely- these shoes are AMAZING. Your day sounds perfect, apart from the revision- hope the bbq was nice!xx

alter idem mc said...

Thank you! :) xx

alter idem mc said...

Haha I cant beleive I had forgotten I had them! need to dig through all my old stuff more often! It was a really nice day I definitely ate too much though aha xx

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