Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Breaking the rules

Shirt - Zara, Disco Pants - American Apparel, Rings - Ebay, Topshop, Vans - Schuh, Necklace - Mum's.

Pretty basic outfit today because all I'm doing today is going in to college for a lesson. So dull lately but one more week and my 3 years there are over. 
Breaking the rules a little mixing green black and navy, but I love anything with my Disco Pants. Took me forever to invest in a pair, finally did after the boyfriend persuaded me. Comfiest things ever and really worth the money, but I already want the black pair and some of the new colours, oh dear. 
Got this shirt from Zara a while back, Mina got the snake-print one we both wanted so this was my way to cope with my loss aha. Just a perfect plain shirt, can chuck it on with anything and it still looks great. Just teamed it with my vans for comfort, lazy outfit day.

Laura xxxx

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