Sunday, 20 May 2012

Shades of blue

Disco Pants - American Apparel, Shirt - Zara, Ring - Ebay, Hand chain - Topshop, Wedges - Peacocks

After my long weekend at work I really don't want to do anything, 40 hours this week coming as well, on-top of my last ever week at college. Rewarding myself with a massive shopping trip on pay-day, I'll do a haul post of all my buys this month after!
This shirt is one of them, I don't own enough bright clothes and I love the pattern! I was buying bright blue wedges too so it all matched my disco pants perfectly and I had to. Not to mention the added bonus of my friends working in Zara and getting their discount occasionally. It's a lovely soft silky material, so is really comfy, but dressy enough to wear out too.
Spending tomorrow with Mina, even though I'm being naughty skipping our only college lesson, so will hopefully do a week of photos together or some other joint post about blogging week one! It's been exciting.

Laura xxxx



Blaming Beauty said...

Stunning outfit! I love your style, definitely following xx

alter idem ls said...

thank you! I love your blog too! xx

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