Friday, 18 May 2012

Studded crop

Leather Jacket - Market, Fur Collar, Skirt - H&M, Top, Socks, Hand Chain - Topshop, Chelsea Boots - River Island

I have this skirt in pink and this mint green colour, and I love both. The skirts are perfect for anything! They're from H&M and were really cheap, this green one was 2 pounds in the sale so I had to buy it. Wearing it with this top I bought a couple of months ago. I love it but they've sewn on the studs with non-stretchy thread, making it IMPOSSIBLE to put on, end up scratching myself with them while trying. It was featured in MORE magazine the other day, an article on 5 ways to wear it, but I can't find an image of it anywhere to show you. Definitely worth a read, some really interesting ideas! Wore this with my old leather jacket I got for a fiver at a market, it has a hood but I tuck it in and chuck on my fur collar to make it look a lot nicer. All teamed with my Chelsea boots and a pair of frilly socks which I own hundreds of.
Since my life consists of college and work, it's become so dull. Not that I don't love my job, but I cannot wait to quit for university. Today wasn't bad, I've got a really sore throat so Shaun was delivering me hot blackcurrant throughout my shift, it was beautiful. 12 hour shift tomorrow and Sunday, normal weekend routine, so no blogging for me!

Laura xxxx


Debbie said...

Love your studded top! You've styled it so well :) X

alter idem ls said...

Thankyou! xx

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