Saturday, 26 May 2012

Welcome to the good life

Top, Boots and socks Topshop , Belt and shorts vintage/thrifted
Wow its still hot in england! I'm enjoying the last of the sun in my garden listening to some old kanye west (hence the post title) and feeling disappointed that im not going to his Watch the Throne tour :( boo I would pay so much to see him and Jay Z. Im going out with my boyfriend and one of our close friends for some casual drinks later on which will be nice. I popped into town today to get my mums birthday present and decided to have a look in my favourite charity shops and guess what I found... Levi jeans in my size for £3! I was literally estatic, I always find levi's and they're never my size. I pretty much ran home, cut them into shorts and put them on straight away haha. I also found some black highwaisted jeans that I will be turning into shorts and possibly acid washing/ dip dying with bleach or maybe having a go at recreating galaxy print like these (so beautiful) help me decide! I do need some plain black shorts though, what a dilema! My hairs such a mess but I wanted to show you the hair piece I made out of some old hair extensions. I basically took the smallest weft I had, plaited it and slipped a few pretty beads on the end and managed to attach a feather I had from a hair tie from primark that I didnt really like, It was quite fiddly but I like the outcome. I had been debating doing this to my actual hair (Captain Jack Sparrow inspired) but then I realised it wasnt really practical to have feathers and shiz in your hair 24/7 if you're not a pirate haha.

Mina xxxx

ps. I notice we have alot of new followers! hello! Its really gratifying to know that people are interested in what I have to say and stuff so thank you :)




alter idem mc said...

Thanks! :) they're my favourite pair of shoes aha xx

Michelle's Style File said...

Your legs are fabulous!


alter idem mc said...

Aww thank you! x

Alina Anghel said...

those shorts and boots are amazing! xx

Soulight said...

Hi! I like the shorts :)
Follow u.


alter idem mc said...

Thank you! :) xx

alter idem mc said...

thank you :)


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