Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I bought this month

I was planning on doing a post like this after my shopping trip friday, but I'm ill today and didn't fancy an outfit post or anything, so here you go! My buys over the past month or so.

Galaxy print leggings - Chicwish, Tie-dye top - found, Shirt - Zara, Blue wedges - Zara, Jewellery - Topshop, Bag - Accessorize, Wake me up Rimmel foundation, Topshop Lipstick

I have featured the leggings and shirt before (here and here), and am wearing the wedges out tomorrow so will show you then. I found the tie-dye top in my room, I'm guessing it was amoung the clothes my sister gave me when she got pregnant, but I absolutely love it, there isn't much print on it, so its really subtle but cute. I got the bag as a late birthday present from my sister, I love pastel colours and wanted one of the Topshop pastel bags, but loved this even more when I opened it! Jewellery is just a must buy whenever I see some I like, and I loved all three pieces. 
 The rounded necklace I bought to go with this dress for my sisters hen-do. A sheer-maxi dress with a black under-dress, from Zara. It was a really reasonable price and I love it! The dress underneath can be made to be quite long, so this will probably be my Ascot outfit when I go with my boyfriend in june!
 Wake-me-up foundation is definitely some of the best I've tried. I don't tend to fake tan because I tan easily in the summer, so It's difficult to find a nice foundation that isn't too pale or too orange. It covers really well and doesn't dry out skin at all! I only end up using a small amount to cover my face, so I feel like it'll last for ages too! I never wear lipsticks, but I've been looking for one this colour for ages. It is a Lipstick from Topshop, the first makeup by them I've tried and I love it! Will definitely get a few more shades on friday!

Laura xxxx



Kim said...

I love your blue wedges!


alter idem ls said...

Thankyou they're some of my favourite shoes now! xx

Megs said...

LOVE the item you have on! You look lovely! Gorgeous buys as well :) Esp. the accessories :) xo, Megs


alter idem ls said...

Thanks! It's a really old dress from River Island, forgot to mention it! xx

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