Saturday, 30 June 2012

Papa don't preach

Shoes & Blazer - Primark, Shorts & Shirt - Thrifted 
Wearing this shirt I found the other day in a charity shop, It was originally from the shop 'Chelsea Girl' which was around when my mum was about 15! It's so soft and comfortable and I love the colour. I've paired it with my black high waisted shorts, a grey fitted blazer and some tan wedges. Wearing tights with it because the weather is so unpredictable today! I found these wedges about a year ago in Primark and instantly snatched them up as they reminded me of some wedges I wanted at the time from Zara - They're really comfy which is surprising as I usually find Primark shoes cripple my feet haha. 

I'm just going out tonight for drinks and some dancing as per usual on a Saturday, I have work tomorrow though so I'm praying for no hangover! Fingers crossed... 

Mina xxxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

100 followers give-away!

It's honestly amazing reaching 100 followers! We both really appreciate you all following us and taking time to read our posts, we've really only just begun! We decided to each pick an item that we'd want ourselves (and admittedly we both want to keep our items) and then combine them for the give-away. We have slightly different fashion tastes, but they often compliment each other. 

Necklaces - H&M

I wanted to avoid putting on the necklaces, but the photograph of them just lying down didn't give justice to the really interesting shapes! The give-away is a thank you to our followers meaning the only mandatory entry is to be a follower. It's for old and new followers too, and you can even get a few more entries if you want by following us on Bloglovin' or Twitter. However, this criteria for extra votes needs to be met to make the give-away fair, for extra entries you must be following us on the other platforms. To enter just use the Rafflecopter form below. Why not! Good luck!

Laura and Mina xxxx

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Yours to keep

Bralet - Topshop, Vintage Levi's, Cardigan - Deep, Chelsea Boots - River Island, Rings - Kukee* & Ebay
 Apologies for the photo-heavy post, I just realised today that I've not done an outfit post in this cardigan! I bought it while me and Mina were visiting our friend Megan at University in Newcastle. We went around loads of little vintage stores and I loved it! It was only about £20 and I wear it often so it's well worth it. Regretted this outfit as soon as I got to town, it's really hot here today! We're not that far from London and are definitely sharing the heat wave. 
This bralet is so nice, the boning on the side has gone weird though and digs into my waist which is probably visible in some photos! It's quite "booby" for me, so I always have to dress it down a bit. Wore it with my vintage Levi's and Chelsea boots. 
Met Mina to go shopping and she turned up in Levi's too so we looked a right old pair. I raided the Zara sale which is amazing, will post photos soon! I also purchased a pencil skirt because I start Jury Service on Monday! I'm really excited, but can't discuss it with anyone so will have to be very careful blogging. I'll try do a few outfit posts of how I dress smartly though, don't think my normal outfits will go down well in court! 
We also got some gifts for our giveaway to celebrate 100 followers! I'm going to photograph them soon then put it up tonight so be sure to have a look! 

Laura xxxx


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Everything I Am

Jumper - Knitted by Mum, Shorts & Rings - Thrifted, Wedges- New Look
Sorry I've been away for so long! I've been a bad bad blogger but I have been exceptionally busy! I've now finished all my exams and left college for good - so scary haha. I cant believe we've now hit over 100 followers, I literally never thought we'd hit 100 especially not so soon, I want to thank each and every one of you, as Laura mentioned we will be doing a giveaway. We'll put a post up as soon as we have purchased the items for it :).

You will have to excuse my hair in these photos it seems to have a mind of its own I will tame it before I go out I promise! Also for some reason my camera wont focus properly and I have no idea why :(! I'm going to the pub later as I do every Wednesday with my boyfriend and some of our friends just for a drink or two then back to my boyfriends to cuddle and to watch films. I'm wearing this massive oversized cream jumper that my mum knitted for herself when she was about my age and has passed down to me, I love it to pieces not only because my mum made it but also because its so individual I have never seen another jumper like this. Paired it with my thrifted black high waisted shorts and a chunky pair of wedges - I love wearing casual things like a big oversized jumper with something a bit more glamorous like wedges and little shorts I think it makes a nice contrast and means you don't look too over dressed. 

Well I must go but hello to our new followers and look out for the giveaway everyone!

Mina xxxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

Stay like this forever

Playsuit - Urban Outfitters, Wedges - Zara, Rings - Kukee* and Ebay, Denim Jacket - Vintage
The suns out and I'm off to the pub for lunch with an old friend so I decided to wear my new Playsuit! I bought it in Urban Outfitters the other day, always go shopping and everywhere has sales so I spend too much! Was in Birmingham at my boyfriends the past few days so haven't blogged, we were really busy eating out, shopping and watching football. Went to Ascot on Saturday but unfortunately got no nice photos of my outfit! May have to recreate it one day this week if I can get the mud off my nude flatforms - ruined! 

This Playsuit is the perfect summer outfit, its light and comfortable, and the white will look perfect when I get a tan! It has a mesh strip on the front, which is rather flattering on this Playsuit, where-as all the leotards it's been on look terrible on me! I really want to go on holiday now! Still wearing my Kukee rings which I love, teaming the silver with old gold rings to mix it all up a bit. Wearing this with my oversized denim jacket in case it's windy, and my amazing blue Zara wedges which I still love!
I already got the Porefection Benefit taster in Glamour the other day, but I bought another copy to get the Bad Gal Lash mascara which I adore! I was also luckily in Bullring when they were raising money for charity and giving out tasters, so I got my hands on the Cha Cha Tint too! May do a review post soon, absolutely love all three products!

I came on to the blog today to see we've reached 100 followers! This is really amazing and I'm thankful to all of you that read any of my posts! Me and Mina are going to organise a giveaway for sometime this weekend, probably choose something individually and put it together as one giveaway? We have quite different tastes but it could be quite an interesting prize!

Laura xxxx

Spa Find - Dermal Extracts

Just over a week ago I received the Dermal Extracts from Spa Find to review. I began the treatment straight away.
The liquid is easy to dispense from the vial, which allows small drops to exit, so it is easy to dispense the needed amount to be applied. I struggle with blackheads, and oily but dry skin, these extracts restore the balance in the skin. It is an intense treatment, and on Day Three my skin broke out slightly, but this soon went.
The Harmonised Water of Witch Hazel and Cinnamon Bark has a fragranced smell, which is quite over-powering but soon fades once applied to the face. I found it left my skin slightly sticky until it was fully massaged in, then leaving the face very soft to touch.

Dermal Extracts - Spa Find*

After the weeks treatment, my blackheads have cleared up quite a bit. I was very surprised as I've never found a product that works at all, I knew they wouldn't completely disappear after the first treatment and the improvement is quite dramatic. I will continue to use this treatment over the next two months so I will keep you updated, hopefully the blackheads will continue to decrease!
The initial breakout on Day Three is my biggest negative about the product, as I would have to time when I use it to avoid having a breakout around an important date. The positives do outweigh the negatives, my biggest improvement has been in my dry skin I got on my nose, I now no longer apply moisturiser before foundation, my skin is balanced enough for me to just use my Benefit Porefection as a primer before applying my foundation. My skin is also feeling a lot softer and more nourished, and even nice enough for me to go out occasionally without any foundation! 

I highly recommend this product, the Dermal Extracts, as an intensive treatment for Acne-prone skin, but not for already balanced skin as it is an intense week-long process. If you're interested in trying a similar treatment, The Calmit Extracts, for Normal & Combination skin, repairs ageing skin and evens skin-tone, as well as protecting against futher signs of ageing. 
Find both products and more at Spa Find.

Laura xxxx


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We are young

Blazer - Thrift, Jeans - Topshop, Top - H&M, Flatforms - Misguided, Necklace - Boutique at Bestival
Having a lazy day after yesterdays celebrations, my sister's wedding! It was lovely, everything was perfect and everyone cried a lot. Consisted of a load of old friends getting very drunk and dancing to Mamma Mia and Come on Eileen. My boyfriend's down for a few days before we go up to Birmingham.
Bought this necklace from a boutique at Bestival last summer. The girl who makes them has a blog somewhere but I cannot find it or remember her name. If anyone knows please link me to her blog! She had so many gorgeous pieces, I picked up this necklace and my friend got a really nice one too. It's difficult to match with things, but adds something to a plain outfit.
Wearing my Topshop Ombre jeans and an old blazer with a plain top. Jeans never fit me so I was lucky to find these! Thrown on with my flatforms for these photos, but really I'm just lazing about watching TV all day and playing Song pop on my boyfriends iphone, perfect.

Laura xxxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Champagne for the pain

Chiffon shrug - Primark, Belt, Levis, Corset - Thrifted, Wedges -  New Look

Sorry I've disappeared for a bit had two exams this week! I've been revising every waking hour, I've also been busy being ill :( I was so sick yesterday and had my two and half hour media exam this morning I was scared I might have been sick at some point in it haha. Im feeling a lot better today though, me and the boys are going to the pub tonight to play pool, drink beer and watch the football. Is anyone else watching the game? I usually hate football but I get really competitive when England play for some reason haha. I'm getting so bored of waiting for my boyf to come get me though so I'm listening to as much rap music as possible, feeling ghetto and watching videos of wet cats (click here ---> to watch videos of wet cats I promise they will bring you happiness of some form on this wet dreary day in England.)

Pretty basic outfit, just some wedges with my cut off Levis and this cute velvet corset I bought over a year ago from a charity shop for about £3, I was particularly impressed with the price because it was originally from Topshop! Oh also I re-did my hair and bleached the ends more, sort of want them to be more blonde, what do you think?
Mina xxxx


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In the nick of time

Velvet leotard - ASOS, Skirt - H&M, Rings - Kukee*, Primark, Flatforms - Misguided
I've completely disappeared for days, sorry! I worked Friday night, then for 13 hours Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I'm back now! Basically got two weeks off apart from odd shifts, so will be blogging again more. My boyfriends down this Sunday and I get a whole week with him which is rare and I'm very excited! Got Ascot next Saturday too, plus my sisters wedding this Monday ahh! I bought these flatforms for the wedding, I'm a bridesmaid but we chose our own shoes. The dress was an awkward colour to match too so it took a while to find the perfect shoes. I'm carrying my niece down the aisle as well as babysitting for the day, so flatforms seemed the best option!

Wearing the mint skirt that me and Mina have, they really do go with everything! I love this velvet leotard, it's got basically no back so can look really dressy on a night out, but is comfy enough for a day-time. I'm also wearing two of my new rings from Kukee shown here! Still absolutely love all the pieces I got!

Spending the rest of my day revising for my A level maths exam in the morning! Praying it doesn't go too terribly! 

Laura xxxx 


Spa Find

Spa Find is an exclusive Spa and salon brand which offers skin-friendly formulas made up of blends of natural de-ionised water, organic plant extracts and pure Dead Sea minerals. Spa Find are against animal testing too! With all products containing no parabens or genetically modified organisisms either. The website offers an extensive range of Spa treatments to suit a wide variety of skin types.

 Among their products are two different extracts. Calmit Extracts, an anti-ageing facial treatment, and Dermal Extracts which I am testing. Dermal Extracts re-balance oily, acne prone skin. The formulas help to reduce inflammation and seburn production, an oily, waxey matter that glands release to lubricate skin, often causing acne.  

One dial of liquid is to be used across a week, being massaged onto problem areas morning and evening. I'm starting this process today so I will do a follow up review next week! I'm very excited about reviewing this product as I have always suffered with oily skin on my nose, and am prone to blackheads. I luckily rarely gets spots, but my skin is very oily and hopefully this will balance that!

Dermal Extracts - Spa Find*
Laura xxxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Run and hide Sunday girl

Top & Boots - Topshop, Skirt - H&M, Socks - Vintage

Just a quick outfit post to show you all what I'm wearing today, going to my boyfriends parents house for Sunday lunch. Cant wait I'm starving! I think its nice to dress presentably for such occasions I still get a bit nervous in front of his parents even though we've been together way over a year - I'm quite shy sometimes! I've teamed my pink high waisted skirt with this mint green top from topshop I absolutely love the lace detailing on it! I'm wearing my favourite boots with these cute silver vintage glittery socks - my mum gave them to me the other day she used to wear them when she was my age (god knows why she still has them aha). Only a short post I'm afraid got to go or I'm going to be late and I'm always late and I'm sick of always being late haha.

Mina xxxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lipstick Collection

This is my first beauty related post so bare with me haha. I've split my collection into reds, nudes/neutrals, pinks and oranges and have also added on some products I like to use in conjunction with my lipstick, hope you enjoy! 


Left hand side Kate for Rimmel - no. 001, Right hand side Barry M in Pillar Box Red

Kate for Rimmel - I love love love this lipstick! As it's a dark red it makes it very wearable as I find the Barry M a little too bright for day to day wear. The texture is very creamy and long lasting on the lips, I definitely want to try some of the different shades in the Kate range.
Barry M - This lipstick is perfect for a bold lip on a night out and with all Barry M lipsticks the pigmentation is amazing however this shade is way to bright for me personally to wear in the day. Also with Barry M lipsticks I find them quite drying on the lips.


From left to right : No7 moisture drench waterlily 90, Rimmel lasting finish undressed 240, Topshop desert, Topshop nevada, Rimmel lasting finish asia 077, Clinique pink spice. 

These are just a few of my favourite nude/neutral lipsticks. The No7 lipstick is one of my favourite day to day lipsticks its really hydrating on the lips and just gives a subtle hint of pink. The Topshop lipsticks are my all time favourite lipsticks, They are so pigmented! The texture is amazing they feel so creamy, almost satiny. Desert is an orange based nude whereas nevada has more of a pink tone to it - these are perfect for if you want that almost foundation colour lip but dont want to put foundation on your lips haha. The Rimmel lasting finish lipsticks are definitely a close second to my Topshop ones! these too have a great texture, arent drying and the pigmentation is amazing! Asia and Undressed are both neutral brown tones. Asia for me is like my lip colour but better - both are great for day to day wear. This is my only Clinique lipstick it reminds me of the colour of asia but with the super moisturising feel of the No7 moisture drench lipsticks.


From left to right: Rimmel lasting finish Indulgence 004, Rimmel lasting finish pink blush 006, m&s make up range Flamingo.

Like I've said before the quality of the lasting finish lipsticks is amazing, the pigmentation is always great and they last well on the lips. Indulgence is a cool toned bright pink I don't generally go for bold shades but this colour is really wearable and really compliments my skin tone I feel. Pink blush is my favourite pink lipstick! Its a light baby pink - I looked high and low in boots for a lipstick of this colour until I found this one. I find with light pink lipsticks the pigmentation tends to be bad or they have a very chalky texture but this one is perfect. I bought this lipstick from m&s randomly one day because I wanted a coral pink lipstick and had a couple of pounds left on a gift card. I cant say I was expecting very much but this lipstick is honestly really good especially for what its priced at (about 3pounds - don't quote me on that though!) The pigmentation is good and it feels really moisturising on the lips almost like a balm. the only downfall it has is that it doesn't last to well and definitely needs constant re application through the day.  


Look Double Hit Lip - gloss and lipstick shade 2
Rimmel lasting finish coral in gold 210.

I received the Look double hit lip in a goody bag at an event I went to in London a while ago. I think its a really good product, the lipstick and lipgloss are both very pigmented and look really pretty and summery on the lips. The lasting finish coral in gold is a more red toned orange with gold shimmer. The shimmer is quite subtle which I like I'm not a great fan of glittery shiny lips! This colour lasts for ages on my lips and I only have to re apply a few times a day.

Other Lip Products 

Lush Lip Scrub: perfect for exfoliating the lips before applying lipstick - also these taste so good!
Bert's Bees Lip Balm & Vaseline rosy lips : both are really good lip balms and gives a hint of colour to your lips.
Rimmel lasting finish liner in 050 tiramisu: great for lining your lips when wearing neutral lipstick ( Perfect with undressed 240).
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 130 take a chance: I'm not a great lip gloss fan but this one is nice for adding a bit of shine, its also not too sticky which is good so no hair stuck to mouth moments. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and hello to our new followers!

Mina xxxx 

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