Friday, 15 June 2012

Champagne for the pain

Chiffon shrug - Primark, Belt, Levis, Corset - Thrifted, Wedges -  New Look

Sorry I've disappeared for a bit had two exams this week! I've been revising every waking hour, I've also been busy being ill :( I was so sick yesterday and had my two and half hour media exam this morning I was scared I might have been sick at some point in it haha. Im feeling a lot better today though, me and the boys are going to the pub tonight to play pool, drink beer and watch the football. Is anyone else watching the game? I usually hate football but I get really competitive when England play for some reason haha. I'm getting so bored of waiting for my boyf to come get me though so I'm listening to as much rap music as possible, feeling ghetto and watching videos of wet cats (click here ---> to watch videos of wet cats I promise they will bring you happiness of some form on this wet dreary day in England.)

Pretty basic outfit, just some wedges with my cut off Levis and this cute velvet corset I bought over a year ago from a charity shop for about £3, I was particularly impressed with the price because it was originally from Topshop! Oh also I re-did my hair and bleached the ends more, sort of want them to be more blonde, what do you think?
Mina xxxx



Yuliya ♥ said...

Great look !


That corset is beautiiiiiiiful <3

Katie said...

Gorge outfit!


Christina said...

Love those shorts and the platforms :)

CallieR said...

Omg I am in LOVE with this outfit!!!

CallieR said...

Oh and also thankyou for follwing me :) x

Doma ♥ said...

oh you have AMAZING style !
would you mind check my blog ? if you like it please don't hesitate to follow it <3 ;)

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Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

Loooove this outfit! the shoes are gorgeous and great bargain top! Thank you for following my blog as well lovely! xxx

Alina Anghel said...

chic outfit! love those shorts! xx

Stefany said...

Love this outfit! :)

DEMI said...

really like your blog dear!
keep posting and go for it!!!


The Crazy Girl Next Door said...

I love your shirt,shorts,boots,and blog! I'm definitely following, if you like you should check out my blog:)

Dilan Dilir said...

you look amazing :D

Lana S. said...

Love this look!

Emma Kershaw said...

This looks amazing! Love it :)
Beauty by Emma

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit. When did you buy the wedges? :)

Visit my blog and become a follower if you want

Laura. said...

Love your outfit! You have an amazing figure - the thrifted top was such a find!

Ambika Kochhar said...

Love this!x

alter idem mc said...

I just realised I put down that the wedges were from h&m definitely meant new look! I bought then a couple of weeks ago online :)

Anna said...

Your sense of style is amazing! Thrifting is honestly the best way to shop. there is nothing better than getting a compliment on something one of a kind you found. Love your blog. cant wait to see future posts!

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