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Lipstick Collection

This is my first beauty related post so bare with me haha. I've split my collection into reds, nudes/neutrals, pinks and oranges and have also added on some products I like to use in conjunction with my lipstick, hope you enjoy! 


Left hand side Kate for Rimmel - no. 001, Right hand side Barry M in Pillar Box Red

Kate for Rimmel - I love love love this lipstick! As it's a dark red it makes it very wearable as I find the Barry M a little too bright for day to day wear. The texture is very creamy and long lasting on the lips, I definitely want to try some of the different shades in the Kate range.
Barry M - This lipstick is perfect for a bold lip on a night out and with all Barry M lipsticks the pigmentation is amazing however this shade is way to bright for me personally to wear in the day. Also with Barry M lipsticks I find them quite drying on the lips.


From left to right : No7 moisture drench waterlily 90, Rimmel lasting finish undressed 240, Topshop desert, Topshop nevada, Rimmel lasting finish asia 077, Clinique pink spice. 

These are just a few of my favourite nude/neutral lipsticks. The No7 lipstick is one of my favourite day to day lipsticks its really hydrating on the lips and just gives a subtle hint of pink. The Topshop lipsticks are my all time favourite lipsticks, They are so pigmented! The texture is amazing they feel so creamy, almost satiny. Desert is an orange based nude whereas nevada has more of a pink tone to it - these are perfect for if you want that almost foundation colour lip but dont want to put foundation on your lips haha. The Rimmel lasting finish lipsticks are definitely a close second to my Topshop ones! these too have a great texture, arent drying and the pigmentation is amazing! Asia and Undressed are both neutral brown tones. Asia for me is like my lip colour but better - both are great for day to day wear. This is my only Clinique lipstick it reminds me of the colour of asia but with the super moisturising feel of the No7 moisture drench lipsticks.


From left to right: Rimmel lasting finish Indulgence 004, Rimmel lasting finish pink blush 006, m&s make up range Flamingo.

Like I've said before the quality of the lasting finish lipsticks is amazing, the pigmentation is always great and they last well on the lips. Indulgence is a cool toned bright pink I don't generally go for bold shades but this colour is really wearable and really compliments my skin tone I feel. Pink blush is my favourite pink lipstick! Its a light baby pink - I looked high and low in boots for a lipstick of this colour until I found this one. I find with light pink lipsticks the pigmentation tends to be bad or they have a very chalky texture but this one is perfect. I bought this lipstick from m&s randomly one day because I wanted a coral pink lipstick and had a couple of pounds left on a gift card. I cant say I was expecting very much but this lipstick is honestly really good especially for what its priced at (about 3pounds - don't quote me on that though!) The pigmentation is good and it feels really moisturising on the lips almost like a balm. the only downfall it has is that it doesn't last to well and definitely needs constant re application through the day.  


Look Double Hit Lip - gloss and lipstick shade 2
Rimmel lasting finish coral in gold 210.

I received the Look double hit lip in a goody bag at an event I went to in London a while ago. I think its a really good product, the lipstick and lipgloss are both very pigmented and look really pretty and summery on the lips. The lasting finish coral in gold is a more red toned orange with gold shimmer. The shimmer is quite subtle which I like I'm not a great fan of glittery shiny lips! This colour lasts for ages on my lips and I only have to re apply a few times a day.

Other Lip Products 

Lush Lip Scrub: perfect for exfoliating the lips before applying lipstick - also these taste so good!
Bert's Bees Lip Balm & Vaseline rosy lips : both are really good lip balms and gives a hint of colour to your lips.
Rimmel lasting finish liner in 050 tiramisu: great for lining your lips when wearing neutral lipstick ( Perfect with undressed 240).
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 130 take a chance: I'm not a great lip gloss fan but this one is nice for adding a bit of shine, its also not too sticky which is good so no hair stuck to mouth moments. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and hello to our new followers!

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