Monday, 25 June 2012

Spa Find - Dermal Extracts

Just over a week ago I received the Dermal Extracts from Spa Find to review. I began the treatment straight away.
The liquid is easy to dispense from the vial, which allows small drops to exit, so it is easy to dispense the needed amount to be applied. I struggle with blackheads, and oily but dry skin, these extracts restore the balance in the skin. It is an intense treatment, and on Day Three my skin broke out slightly, but this soon went.
The Harmonised Water of Witch Hazel and Cinnamon Bark has a fragranced smell, which is quite over-powering but soon fades once applied to the face. I found it left my skin slightly sticky until it was fully massaged in, then leaving the face very soft to touch.

Dermal Extracts - Spa Find*

After the weeks treatment, my blackheads have cleared up quite a bit. I was very surprised as I've never found a product that works at all, I knew they wouldn't completely disappear after the first treatment and the improvement is quite dramatic. I will continue to use this treatment over the next two months so I will keep you updated, hopefully the blackheads will continue to decrease!
The initial breakout on Day Three is my biggest negative about the product, as I would have to time when I use it to avoid having a breakout around an important date. The positives do outweigh the negatives, my biggest improvement has been in my dry skin I got on my nose, I now no longer apply moisturiser before foundation, my skin is balanced enough for me to just use my Benefit Porefection as a primer before applying my foundation. My skin is also feeling a lot softer and more nourished, and even nice enough for me to go out occasionally without any foundation! 

I highly recommend this product, the Dermal Extracts, as an intensive treatment for Acne-prone skin, but not for already balanced skin as it is an intense week-long process. If you're interested in trying a similar treatment, The Calmit Extracts, for Normal & Combination skin, repairs ageing skin and evens skin-tone, as well as protecting against futher signs of ageing. 
Find both products and more at Spa Find.

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