Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Spa Find

Spa Find is an exclusive Spa and salon brand which offers skin-friendly formulas made up of blends of natural de-ionised water, organic plant extracts and pure Dead Sea minerals. Spa Find are against animal testing too! With all products containing no parabens or genetically modified organisisms either. The website offers an extensive range of Spa treatments to suit a wide variety of skin types.

 Among their products are two different extracts. Calmit Extracts, an anti-ageing facial treatment, and Dermal Extracts which I am testing. Dermal Extracts re-balance oily, acne prone skin. The formulas help to reduce inflammation and seburn production, an oily, waxey matter that glands release to lubricate skin, often causing acne.  

One dial of liquid is to be used across a week, being massaged onto problem areas morning and evening. I'm starting this process today so I will do a follow up review next week! I'm very excited about reviewing this product as I have always suffered with oily skin on my nose, and am prone to blackheads. I luckily rarely gets spots, but my skin is very oily and hopefully this will balance that!

Dermal Extracts - Spa Find*
Laura xxxx

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Tiffany Carolanne said...

I love the packaging. Looking forwards to your follow up review!

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