Monday, 30 July 2012

Tainted Love

Just a quick post to show you all what I have bought recently/ received for my birthday. All the tops are from Zara, the flatforms are from River Island and the fake tan is from Superdrug :) 

Mina xxxx

Friday, 27 July 2012


Top - Topshop, AA Disco Pants, Jewellery - all topshop, Nails - Superdrug

LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT!! Macbooooook.

The sun has run away. Went to town today to grab some bits and hunt for fancy dress items for my boyfriend cos I'm his lap-dog ha. Then went for a meal with my friend.
I love this top, bought it today in black too, but it photographs really badly. It's so lovely! Definitely one of the only Topshop Jersey basics worth the price tag (these tops and the t-shirt crops which I live in). Typical lazy outfit with my disco pants, but look how amazing these gold metalic nails are! Grace tweeted a photo a few weeks ago and I fell in love, they're perfect!

Just recieved my course start details from my university, I start Leeds College of Art in September! It came with a long list of things to buy (books, portfolio, sketch books, media) So all the basics. Also the request that I buy a Bernina 1008S and a Macbook (got it today!). Bye bye savings! Hellllo new sewing machine! So excited for the first year trip too because it's to Paris! I've only ever been to go to Disney Land so I'm already excited! Just another reminder that I'm moving 4 hours from home but it's great! 
They've also been lovely and have set me two summer projects, first is to make a Pandora's Box, which I've never heard of before, and secondly to create a doll which reflects my looks, personality and the things that interest and inspire me. WHAT! Oh I'm so scared for Uni!

Laura xxxx
p.s my dad stole the good camera so I'm using my rubbish one sorry, definitely need to invest in a decent one before uni!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Crazy in love

Dress - Republic, Wedges - Primark, Belt - Vintage, Earings - Topshop
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a week! As the weathers been so nice I've basically been living in my bikini and shorts - nothing exciting haha. I'm going out tonight after I finish work and this is what I think I will wear, this dress is so perfect with a tan which I now have after spending the majority of the past few days in the sun haha. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend he's been stuck in an office all week! I bought it in Republic last year before I went to Ibiza because I think a little white dress is a necessary piece of clothing for any girl in the summertime! I've paired it with my tan heels and a vintage belt. Hope everyone's been enjoying the beautiful weather I'm going to go and continue listening to Beyonce in the sunshine, I promise I will post more regularly after this the last week has just been so busy!

Mina xxxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

In the summer summer

Top - Topshop, Short's - Vintage Levi's, Shoes - Miss Selfridge, Jewellery - Topshop, Ebay, Belt - Thrift.
 Having a Crystal Fighters day, anyone who has not listened is missing out. One of our friends knows them somehow and introduced me. Saw them at Bestival last summer and they were unbelievable! So so good. 
Pretty casual today, was supposed to meet Mina and our friend Jasmine for a bit but my illness got the better of me so I had to pass. Going to sunbathe in the garden for a bit before heading to work for the evening.
I love my Levi's, they're so comfy and about the only shorts I own which do not show my bum, blame Topshop! I also own this crop top in about 8 different colours/patterns, they're so perfect for summer to chuck on with basically anything. Hardly ever worn this one as I feel the pattern is slightly overpowering, always need it worn with something very plain. Wore my good old black boots which I got for £8 in a Miss Selfridge sale a few years ago, I'm not one to wear creepers so these are my alternative to chunky up an outfit.
Hope everyone's enjoying the sun!

Laura xxxx


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dreaming of angels

Blazer - Forever 21, Skirt - H&M, Top - Zara, Wedges - Peacocks, Belt - River Island, Rings - Kukee*
I'm back! I've finished my Jury Service so will finally be back to posting, don't think it's appropriate to publicise what case I was on, but if you watch BBC south today you'll know about it. Pretty grim seeing so many horrible photos, but it was really interesting!
Wore this outfit today for the sentencing, the Sheriff of Hampshire (who?) was there so I thought I'd better dress up, not to mention the amount of news reporters and cameras, so exciting! Found this belt in the River Island sale and had to get it! I just wore it with my favourite skirt and a black top, then my blazer for warmth. 
My nail varnish is Golden Peach - Models own. I LOVE this colour! The photos don't do it justice, its a peachy colour but quite metallicy and a hint of glitter maybe? I can't tell but it's a lovely colour! I've also basically got rid of my Ombre hair after a year and a half. Still unsure on whether or not to go all brown completely again, feels so weird to have a change!

Off out tomorrow for Mina's birthday like she said, I rarely go out, and never with Mina's friends, so should be really good! We'll post our outfits tomorrow for you all.

Laura xxxx
p.s I'm also buying the Nexus 7 tablet next week, aahhh! 

Disco disco disco

Disco Pants - AA, Top - Thrifted (originally Jigsaw), Wedges - New Look, Bag - Zara

Hello everyone! Its my birthday today so I have finally got my hands on my disco pants! I never want to take them off - It's safe to say I am 100% in love with them! So get used to seeing them quite regularly haha. My Nanna bought me the Miss Dior perfume which is probably my favourite perfume of all time so far so I'm a very happy and lucky girl :).

Today as its a Thursday I'm going for a meal with my boyfriend, probably having a glass (or two) of wine then having a quiet night in together. Tomorrow is party time, Me and Laura and a few of my close friends are going to Southampton to hit the town... Girls on tour and all that... haha. We will probably do a joint post of our outfits for the night before we go out so look out for that :). 

I have just paired my disco pants with this black high necked vest that I thrifted recently for about £2 - It was originally from the brand Jigsaw so was probably quite expensive when somebody bought it the first time round! I was attracted to it because of the material, its sheer but not in the same way that chiffon is, it reminds me of chain-mail but really fine and obviously not made out of metal. Stuck on my usual black wedges, they are seriously the comfiest wedges ever!

Mina xxxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Born to die

Coat- Vintage, Ring- Miss Selfridge, Shoes- New Look, Jeans- Topshop, Cardigan- Gap (old), Bag- Zara

This is what I wore yesterday, me and my friend Rachel went for a drink after she finished work and then had a girly night in with girly films and loads of cake. All in all this is quite a casual outfit, just a thin black cardigan that used to be my mums tucked into my jeans, I made it a bit more glamorous by adding my fur coat, dark lipstick and some wedges. Tonight I'm going to my boyfriends just for a night in cant wait to snuggle and eat loads of food. 

Mina xxxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nails for breakfast

MUA - UR FAB, Love hearts. Models Own - Hedkandi, Ibiza mix.

 So this is my first ever nail post! Admittedly I planned an outfit post, but took my make-up off when I got home and didn't want to get ready again. My 9-5 days aren't helping, getting home at 7ish means there's no light, will hopefully get back into my routine soon!
I work at bingo normally where we're not allowed nail varnish, and even if I wore it it'd get chipped. As I've got a few weeks off and only a couple of weeks back there before quitting to enjoy my summer, I got my nails done and have begun doing my nails daily again. All my old nail varnishes are dried up or gloopy, a year doesn't do well for them, so I've begun my collection before I run off to uni.
Saw this beautiful MUA nail varnish a few days ago, the UR FAB Love hearts. It was only £2 and a really nice colour, also matches my smart shoes so worked well. Then on my lunch break today I took a trip to boots, it's 2 for £8 on Models Own nail varnishes! So I had to buy a few. Got the Hedkandi, Ibiza Mix, which I've wanted for ages, put it on over my new MUA polish in the above photos for a gradient glitter look!

Models own - Golden Peach, Pastel Pink, Aqua Violet Beetle Juice.
Also got all these lovely shades! My first ever models own nail varnishes and I love them all! 

Laura xxxx
p.s hope you all enjoy the Panic! at the disco memories from this title, listening to them now.


Birthday wishlist

Its a week until my birthday now, I'm trying to be excited - do you remember how excited you used to get when you were little? The excitement seems to diminish each year after about the age of 13. I remember being 9 and being so excited about turning 10 (double digits!) I counted down the days from about 2 months before haha. 

Anyway I just thought i'd show you what I'm wanting this year - some of them are more of a wish that will never be requited (the two pairs of Jeffery Campbell's haha). Anyway first want is definitely a Bestival ticket I went last year and it was amazing! My boyfriend is buying me this though - He is awful at keeping secrets. Want number 2 would have to be a pair of disco pants - which my mum just ordered me about half an hour ago! I was undecided on which colour to get I originally wanted the navy but Laura ended up getting them plus thinking about it I doubt they would've gone with much that I own. So I was stuck between the black and the charcoal. I went for black in the end - I do like the charcoal but I feel they're a bit too light for my liking I wish there was a mid way colour between the black and the charcoal that would be perfect for me! I've been wanting a pair of nude flatforms I'm stuck between a few pairs but these ones are cool I love the studding! The galaxy print shorts are amazing! I'm thinking of diy-ing a pair and trying to recreate this look... I'll let you know how that goes haha. 

I have to go to work now - I'm on holiday after this shift though! Whole week off yay! I've also got a meeting before my shift about possibly changing my job role - exciting stuff! I'll let you all know how it goes!

Mina xxxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bad religion

Dress worn as a skirt - Miss Selfridge, Top - Thrifted, Leather Jacket - Topshop , Creepers - Lillies

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I nearly broke my nose on Friday so I wasn't looking very attractive and didn't really feel like photographing myself haha. Luckily all the swelling has gone down now I'm just a little bit bruised but nothing a little bit of concealer cant fix! 

I'm just going with my friend Dan for some lunch and to watch the Olympic flame pass through my town. Got to show some enthusiasm I suppose haha. The maxi skirt is actually a dress but to dress it down I put a baggy silk top over the top and wore my creepers instead of wedges. Chucked on my leather jacket too as the weather is horribly unpredictable today!

Its nearly my birthday, next Thursday anyway - I'm only going to be 19 but its scary to think next year I wont be a teenager anymore! 

Have a good day everyone and well done to our Giveaway winner! 

Mina xxxx


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Acid wash jeans

I have a lot of clothes, including about 6 pairs of jeans, so I always try to resist the temptation to buy more. I really want some acid-wash jeans, and have narrowed it down to three (all topshop, my large hips and tiny legs mean very few jeans fit me). Help me pick between please!

All are topshop so are either £38-£40. I find topshop jeans really long lasting, unlike most of their clothes, and surprisingly comfortable but fitted, really want all three. Help!


Monday, 9 July 2012

First love, last love

Blazer, Playsuit - Zara, Shoes - Misguided, Bag - Oasap*, Rings - Kukee*

Went to visit my boyfriend as it's his 21st Wednesday but he's flying off to sunny old Jamaica without me. We went out for a birthday/anniversary dinner at TGI's so I thought I'd dress up a little in my new black playsuit, (Zara sale for £13!!) and some wedges. I'm becoming such a fan of all black lately, oops! 
I was browsing through Oasap the other week, and fell in love with this bag. Personally, I've never used clutch bags, I always used to hate carrying them, but after buying one a few months back, I've loved it. I think they always make an outfit so much nicer, and I now hate straps ruining an outfit! Luckily, this came with a handle strap, which you can see in some photos, and a longer strap so it can be worn as a shouder bag. I wish I'd shown the inside in more detail as it has two sections and they're really convenient, and it comes in lots of colours! May have to treat myself to another. Anyone else found any gems on Oasap recently?

Laura xxxx


Thursday, 5 July 2012

100 Follower Give-away Winner!

Feels slightly odd announcing the winner for a 100 follower celebration when we've just reached 200 followers. We honestly appreciate each of you following us so much! It's amazing and we never expected to even get a few followers. Anyway, we did a give-away to celebrate reaching 100 followers, sorry if you missed it! There'll be future give-away's but we'll probably wait until the next big landmark if we're ever lucky enough to reach it!

I'll post the rafflecopter form below as I've announced the winner. I've emailed the winner personally, but it feels formal to end it properly. Thank you all so much for entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Laura and Mina xxxx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What is love

Jacket & socks - Topshop, Shoes - Lillies, Top - Thrifted, Bag - Zara
I'm going out for lunch today so I thought i'd quickly show you all what I'm wearing, the top was a charity shop find its very light and over sized I was planning on using it as a beach cover up if the weather ever gets warm enough to consider a trip to the beach haha. I was first attracted to it because of its neckline, I'll put a close up of it below, I also love the colour I own absolutely nothing of this colour and thought i'd experiment with some pastel shades. To toughen up the outfit I paired it with my creepers and my leather jacket and made it more my style. I must go or I'm going to be late and I'm starving! 

Mina xxxx
Ps. Our giveaway ends soon make sure you enter!
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