Thursday, 5 July 2012

100 Follower Give-away Winner!

Feels slightly odd announcing the winner for a 100 follower celebration when we've just reached 200 followers. We honestly appreciate each of you following us so much! It's amazing and we never expected to even get a few followers. Anyway, we did a give-away to celebrate reaching 100 followers, sorry if you missed it! There'll be future give-away's but we'll probably wait until the next big landmark if we're ever lucky enough to reach it!

I'll post the rafflecopter form below as I've announced the winner. I've emailed the winner personally, but it feels formal to end it properly. Thank you all so much for entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Laura and Mina xxxx


Kinga Ovari said...

oh these necklaces are wonderful just like your blog!
I follow you now, follow back maybe? :)

samf36 said...

I was checking on the shipment of this . Did it get sent yet? Thank you

alter idem ls said...

It got posted a while ago, were you the winner? The delivery shouldn't have taken long! xx

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