Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bad religion

Dress worn as a skirt - Miss Selfridge, Top - Thrifted, Leather Jacket - Topshop , Creepers - Lillies

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I nearly broke my nose on Friday so I wasn't looking very attractive and didn't really feel like photographing myself haha. Luckily all the swelling has gone down now I'm just a little bit bruised but nothing a little bit of concealer cant fix! 

I'm just going with my friend Dan for some lunch and to watch the Olympic flame pass through my town. Got to show some enthusiasm I suppose haha. The maxi skirt is actually a dress but to dress it down I put a baggy silk top over the top and wore my creepers instead of wedges. Chucked on my leather jacket too as the weather is horribly unpredictable today!

Its nearly my birthday, next Thursday anyway - I'm only going to be 19 but its scary to think next year I wont be a teenager anymore! 

Have a good day everyone and well done to our Giveaway winner! 

Mina xxxx



Coco x said...

I love the idea of wearing a dress as a skirt, your leather jacket has such a nice fit,
Love Coco x x x (congrats on getting over 200 followers :) )

alter idem mc said...

I thought it was a good way to get more use out of a piece of clothing haha, aw thank you! I cant believe we've reached over 200 its amazing! xx

Identity Unknown said...

love that skirt/dress and you're so skinny! *very jealous*

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