Thursday, 12 July 2012

Birthday wishlist

Its a week until my birthday now, I'm trying to be excited - do you remember how excited you used to get when you were little? The excitement seems to diminish each year after about the age of 13. I remember being 9 and being so excited about turning 10 (double digits!) I counted down the days from about 2 months before haha. 

Anyway I just thought i'd show you what I'm wanting this year - some of them are more of a wish that will never be requited (the two pairs of Jeffery Campbell's haha). Anyway first want is definitely a Bestival ticket I went last year and it was amazing! My boyfriend is buying me this though - He is awful at keeping secrets. Want number 2 would have to be a pair of disco pants - which my mum just ordered me about half an hour ago! I was undecided on which colour to get I originally wanted the navy but Laura ended up getting them plus thinking about it I doubt they would've gone with much that I own. So I was stuck between the black and the charcoal. I went for black in the end - I do like the charcoal but I feel they're a bit too light for my liking I wish there was a mid way colour between the black and the charcoal that would be perfect for me! I've been wanting a pair of nude flatforms I'm stuck between a few pairs but these ones are cool I love the studding! The galaxy print shorts are amazing! I'm thinking of diy-ing a pair and trying to recreate this look... I'll let you know how that goes haha. 

I have to go to work now - I'm on holiday after this shift though! Whole week off yay! I've also got a meeting before my shift about possibly changing my job role - exciting stuff! I'll let you all know how it goes!

Mina xxxx


Ava Tallulah said...

This looks very much like what my wishlist would look like :). Those shorts are killer. I love all of this.

I'm following you now :)

alter idem mc said...

Aren't they just haha I'm going to have a go at doing my own but I doubt they'll look half as good! xx

Angel In This Dress said...

Out of interest, where did you find those galaxy print shorts? I need them in my life! :D the Topshop dip dye spike necklace goes with everything - no lie - I really recommend! :) x x

alter idem mc said...

I found them on google images - I think somebody DIYed them. There are loads of tutorials on how to recreate them on youtube! :) xx

Identity Unknown said...

i want all of this.

mannn i need those shorts too!


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