Wednesday, 4 July 2012

River Island Midi-dress

Midi dress - River Island, Rings - Ebay, Kukee*, Bracelet - Thrifted necklace, Shoes - Misguided
Going to start by apologising for my bare nails! Off to town in a bit to get them done, so after my nail-varnish got chipped to pieces at work last night, I didn't re-do them. 
I saw this dress in River Island while sale rummaging and had to buy it! It's not in the sale, but was only £25 which I think is really good for a dress! It's a midi-dress, my first ever. I'm really unsure on the length on me! I'm about 5"7 and don't like my height, I also have ridiculously skinny legs. Personally, I like how it looks gathered up on one side, like I've shown in a photo. While I'm a future fashion student and great at sewing, I'm always nervous altering clothes, anyone got any ideas on how I can clip it up like that just temporarily when I wear it? 
Worn it with my black wedges, and a few pieces of jewellery, including an ear cuff I got in the topshop sale and love. Really want the white feather one they have, but my thin ears mean I have to clip it low down. Awkward body parts.

Anyway, opinions on the dress?! Admittedly I'm changing now to go get my nails done, just had to show you this outfit! But it's cold and raining today, disco pants and a jacket for me.

Laura xxxx

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Rochelle H said...

I think the midi looks nice on you, i have the same skinny leg issue. I literally wear nothing other than things past my knee

alter idem ls said...

yeah I feel this would look better a tiny bit more fitted at the bottom? I'm not brave enough for different things! Aha, just going to have to go for it xx

FrankieW said...

Love this outfit!

BABYFACE said...

such a gorgeous dress, the midi shape suits you to a tea! :)xo

alter idem ls said...

Thanks! I think it's just getting used to something different, I'm sure I'll love it soon! aha xxx

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