Monday, 27 August 2012

What I wore today #1

Okay slightly different post. First of all I am so sorry for not blogging lately, had a lot of drama with my holiday being cancelled a week before I was due to leave, spending days hunting for a holiday. I'm also leaving home tomorrow, ahhhh, so have been packing and trying to sort my room a bit.
I'm going up to stay with my Boyfriend in Birmingham tomorrow before we fly to BARCELONA on Thursday. SO EXCITED!! I promise to try and post before I leave, and I'm going to line up a few posts while I'm out there of my tourist sight seeing outfits. 

Anyway, I've been posting on WIWT for months now, it's really lovely to see lots of other bloggers joining up too, highly recommend it! I post on there most days, but they're rubbish quality mirror photos if I've not blogged the outfit properly, bad blogger I know. Going to try do a post like this every week or so just to sum up a few of my outfits for everyday. 

The next few weeks will be a bit chaotic blog wise while I adjust to my new life in Leeds and while Mina gets used to full time work and tries to cope with being apart from me. We'll both be back soon!

Laura xxxx
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wishlist + Update

I HAVE A NEW JOB! I have worked in BHS in my hometown for three years now just as a part time sales assistant whilst at college. I like the company and the people I work with so didn't ever really get the urge to leave. Since finishing college I have obviously needed to get a full time job (I'm not going to Uni - Further education is just not for me). On Sunday my work offered me full time hours working as a Visual Merchandiser for my current store. This is the career path I was hoping to get into. Very excited to start! 

These are just a few things I may have to splurge on next month... Having never been paid over about £300 my new wage is going to seem like a ridiculous amount of money! The jacket is from Topshop, I've been wanting a leather sleeved jacket for a while and after seeing Laura's I was sold on getting one. I need more jackets and coats as Autumn approaches. The jeans are from Topshop also, I've been wanting a couple of pairs of high waisted jeans for ages I just think high waisted items of clothing are ten times more flattering! The crop tops are from Topshop too... I have several of these already... but you can never have too many! Now for the beautiful beautiful shoes, These are Jeffery Campbell's, I was tempted to get some Litas but with so many copies floating about I wanted to get something no one else would have - When I saw theses I literally fell in love, I think they're perfect and also as they have a wedge not a heel it will make them more day time appropriate - If I'm going to spend lots of hard earned cash on some shoes I want to be able to wear them enough to get my moneys worth! The rings are all from google images but there's lots similar all over high street shops.

Mina xxxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Give it up

Shirt- Zara, Bandeau - New Look, Levi's- Thrifted, Boots- Vintage DM's (used to belong to mumma)
 Going for a day out with my boyfriend today I think we're gonna go to the beach as the weather is so lovely, So excited haha. Just wearing a pretty basic outfit just my Levi's and a black bandeau. To make it more interesting I added my fringed Zara shirt undone over the top, I ADORE this shirt. I love a basic white shirt and the fringing on this makes it more of a statement piece. 

Mina xxxx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Seeing all the sights

Coat - River Island, Top - Topshop, High-tops - Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses - Camden, Watch - River Island, Rings - H&M
I'M GOING TO UNI!!! Okay, I already knew that, but I wasn't certain. I'd recieved my "congratulations on your results and firming your place" letter weeks ago, but UCAS still said conditional offer so I was very nervous, but, I DID IT! As of next Tuesday I'll no longer live down south. I'm off to Leeds to study Fashion Concepts and Communication at Leeds College of Art. Just got to go to Hobbycraft and Ikea to get a few final pieces then I'm ready! 
Wow, I don't know where to start. Haven't done an outfit post in a while so this is full of loads of my new favourite things. This is pretty much what I wore to London on Monday. Spent the day in Camden, got lunch in Covent Garden at the Fire and Stone (which was amazing!), went to the Natural History Museum (my boyfriend had never been!) then got a late night meal at Charings Cross Brasserie. Personally I hate spending lots on food, but it was incredible. 
Anyway, I got this BEAUTIFUL watch from River Island, it was huge for my teeny wrist but I got it adjusted so spent £30 in total on it, much cheaper than me getting my dream Michael Kors watch. I also got the River Island version of the jacket everyone loves. Personally, it's my favourite one, I love the rolled up sleeves so much! Literally trying to stop myself living in it, if you follow me on WIWT you will have already seen it a few times. I post my outfits on there daily so follow me to see!
My final new buys are these lovely H&M rings, I got about 10 in a pack for 2 or 3 pounds, not sure. They're so lovely, and I love layering up all the rings on different fingers, my perfect buy! I also finally got High-tops. Saw these in Urban Outfitters, I was going to get some "Old Skool" Reeboks or some grey drop back Nike's, but these won me over. My boyfriend persuaded me and I gave in, and I don't regret it at all, so in love with them!

Laura xxxx
p.s sorry for rambling!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bikini's to suit everyone at

I myself am rather self conscious, I wouldn't say I have a bad figure, but I'm going away soon with my boyfriend and had a sudden panic about which bikini's to take! I love nothing more than the perfect bikini to make my body look nice while allowing me to be comfortable in and around the pool. At Very they have so much selection, I already own three bikini's from there and have a wishlist of loads of high-waisted bottoms and bandeau bikini tops to get before I fly off for a week in Portugal next Tuesday. 
Matching clothes to your figure is important, but with bikini's it's even more important. This article is perfect for figuring out which is best for you, explaining exactly why it makes you look so great!

Three Styles of Bikini That Every Woman Needs

The time is here for us to splash a bit of cash and buy ourselves a brand new bikini. Whether you’re going somewhere hot or getting your body fit and ready by swimming, you’ll need the perfect bikini to suit to your shape.
We all come in different shapes and sizes, and there are hundreds of different styles and colours of bikini to suit everyone. Finding one which is right for you is therefore largely a process of trial and error – but here are three styles that should always find a place in your wardrobe:

  1. The Halter Neck Bikini

This style is perfect for women who are big busted; the halter neck provides you with good support while also giving you an amazing shape. By wearing bright bold colours or bold prints you can ensure you look at least ten years younger - and the colour may even give you a vibrant glow on your holiday.
Halter neck bikinis can also be good swimwear for the pool. Due to the comfort and support it provides, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps when jumping or diving into the water.  
The halter neck is versatile too – it’s also perfect for women with a smaller bust. You’re even able to create the illusion of a bigger bust as the tighter you tie it up, the bigger your bust will look. 

  1. Bandeau Bikini Top & High waisted bottoms

We have recently seen bandeau bra tops appearing in the shops, and designers have taken the initiative and transformed this style into a bikini as well. This works well for ladies who have longer torsos and a smaller bust. It’s also recommended that wearing a brighter colour on top will draw the eye to your bust. 

  1. The Reliable Tankini

Over the past few years the tankini has never failed in the comfort stakes; it’s one of the most convenient pieces of swimwear around. If you’re spending a day at a water park then the tankini is perfect as it’s sure to keep everything in the right place!
The tankini is also great if you have an hourglass figure - it defines your waist, accentuates your bust and gives you longer looking legs. Once again, when it comes to colour, bright and bold will always make you stand out, whilst floral patterns will create a feminine look.

Click here to find all these styles of bikini's in amazing prints and colours in the swimwear section of

Laura xxxx

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Moving away - Help!

So with my holiday fast approaching (less than two weeks) and that being followed by a move across the country, I'm panicking. I leave my house in two weeks and won't return until christmas, and while I know my uni room won't fit everything I cannot part with so much stuff! Moving five hours away to Leeds means I won't be visiting home much if ever, too expensive to travel down for just a weekend! I've filled a suitcase and a half just with bags and shoes and now I'm worried it wont all fit in my dads car when he drives up to meet me there. Have to leave space for my quilt, pillows, television, kitchen stuff, toiletries, sketchbooks, portfolio, everything!

So now I need clever ideas of how to pack into small spaces, and how to figure out what to take. Any advice? Panicking so much! 
Or advice from people who've been to uni on how to store stuff well in my room. Really need ideas for jewellery storage!

Thanks everyone!

Laura xxxx
p.s as I don't post my outfits on here everyday, I'm going to start posting them on WIWT (more regularly then I used to) even if it's just a rubbish mirror photo, here's my link if you want to follow me! Click here.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dark Paradise

Shirt, Shorts and belt  -Thrifted, Shoes - Dr Martens
Just a really quick post before I go out to show you all what I'm wearing tonight! Wearing my vintage Levis with this shirt I DIYed today, the shirt is from a charity shop and I was attracted to it because of the material (its kind of shimmery) but it was way too long and there was far to much material to even tuck it in to my shorts. I grabbed my scissors and cut it so its very cropped at the front and left the back long, I sat and picked at the edges to get the frayed effect. My feet hurt from dancing last night so I'm opting for a comfy option and wearing my DM's ( They used to be my mums when she was about my age!) I must go now I want to get some wine in me haha hope everyone's having a good weekend! :)

Mina xxxx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Paisley Shorts

Top - Zara, Shorts - Topshop, Boots - Miss Selfridge, Jewellery - Topshop, Kukee*, present.
I got these shorts a couple of summers ago in a Topshop sale, I actually love them. They're perfect, slightly stretchy and not too short, dislike the 5 buttons though. All of my shorts seem to have a silly amount of buttons to do up, makes life so difficult! I also love the print, can wear them with anything plain and they make it more exciting.
It's lovely and warm today, just chilling at home waiting for a pizza hut takeaway for dinner mmm.
Going to London on Monday for a shop and wander around the Natural History museum and Camden etc. My boyfriend is from Birmingham so has hardly been, and has never properly been to Covent Garden or into Camden past the lock! Any good recommendations for a nice place to grab lunch in central?

Laura xxxx


Lost in the heat of it all

T shirt - Zara, Skirt - H&M, Flatforms- River Island
This is actually what I wore yesterday but I didn't have time to post, just wearing my mint green H&M skirt with the T-shirt I bought in the Zara sale and my new flatforms which I got in the River Island sale for only £15! I am in love with this T-shirt I'm tempted to go back and see if they have any in a different colour, I like how it's loose and casual yet the back makes it more interesting and dressy. I've spent all of this morning listening to Frank Ocean and writing my personal statement and I never thought it would be this difficult... Why is it so hard to big yourself up? haha.

Mina xxxx


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Acid Wash

Top - Topshop, Jeans - Nasty Gal, Wedges - Zara
Just a quick post today because my boyfriend's here so I don't want to spend the day on my mac. Was hunting for acid wash jeans for ages before finding these beauties on Nasty Gal, I don't like low rise jeans so these were perfect, absolutely love them! It's hot today so I've chucked on one of my many crop t-shirts and my blue wedges.
Hope everyones enjoying the sun!

Laura xxxx


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Studded Skirt

Jumper - Topshop, Skirt - Ark, Faux Litas - Ebay, Jewellery - Kukee*, Ebay, Present

How lovely is this ring my boyfriend got me from Jamaica? I absolutely adore it! SO perfect.
Bought this skirt the other day when we went into Merry Hill to book our holiday, I've been needing something studded in my wardrobe for ages, and fell in love with this skirt when I saw it. I'm actually just staying in today, so styled it how I would to go out, with this topshop grey jumper and my Litas.
Got back from hospital this morning, so I'm still very drowsy which is obvious in these photos! Got my tonsils out and they have given me too many drugs ha. But at least I survived and feel okay. Felt so sorry for myself last night I ordered the Pewter Glamorous Disco Pant dupes! They should be here soon so I'm excited, slightly bored of my AA navy ones.
Returning to lazing about and recovering, need more new blogs to follow! Any recommendations please link below, or link your own! Thanks!

Laura xxxx

p.s the lovely nail varnish is Models Own - Aqua Violet from the Beetlejuice collection, the whole collection is amazing! Look here.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Motel Rocks

I've disappeared lately! My last day at work is Monday, so have worked constantly to get some last pennies for uni, as well as having a little trip to my boyfriends this week. We finally booked our holiday, so you'll get holiday posts at some point!

As of Tuesday, well whenever I'm recovered enough to stand infront of a camera, I promise to be a good blogger. BUT, I've been lovely anyway and as I am now part of the Motel Rocks Street Team I get to treat you all to a wonderful 20% off code! Above i've just posted my current wishlist which i'll reward myself with for being a big brave girl next week in hospital. 

Just enter "Lauraalteridem" at the checkout to receive 20% off any order!

Laura xxxx

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