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I myself am rather self conscious, I wouldn't say I have a bad figure, but I'm going away soon with my boyfriend and had a sudden panic about which bikini's to take! I love nothing more than the perfect bikini to make my body look nice while allowing me to be comfortable in and around the pool. At Very they have so much selection, I already own three bikini's from there and have a wishlist of loads of high-waisted bottoms and bandeau bikini tops to get before I fly off for a week in Portugal next Tuesday. 
Matching clothes to your figure is important, but with bikini's it's even more important. This article is perfect for figuring out which is best for you, explaining exactly why it makes you look so great!

Three Styles of Bikini That Every Woman Needs

The time is here for us to splash a bit of cash and buy ourselves a brand new bikini. Whether you’re going somewhere hot or getting your body fit and ready by swimming, you’ll need the perfect bikini to suit to your shape.
We all come in different shapes and sizes, and there are hundreds of different styles and colours of bikini to suit everyone. Finding one which is right for you is therefore largely a process of trial and error – but here are three styles that should always find a place in your wardrobe:

  1. The Halter Neck Bikini

This style is perfect for women who are big busted; the halter neck provides you with good support while also giving you an amazing shape. By wearing bright bold colours or bold prints you can ensure you look at least ten years younger - and the colour may even give you a vibrant glow on your holiday.
Halter neck bikinis can also be good swimwear for the pool. Due to the comfort and support it provides, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps when jumping or diving into the water.  
The halter neck is versatile too – it’s also perfect for women with a smaller bust. You’re even able to create the illusion of a bigger bust as the tighter you tie it up, the bigger your bust will look. 

  1. Bandeau Bikini Top & High waisted bottoms

We have recently seen bandeau bra tops appearing in the shops, and designers have taken the initiative and transformed this style into a bikini as well. This works well for ladies who have longer torsos and a smaller bust. It’s also recommended that wearing a brighter colour on top will draw the eye to your bust. 

  1. The Reliable Tankini

Over the past few years the tankini has never failed in the comfort stakes; it’s one of the most convenient pieces of swimwear around. If you’re spending a day at a water park then the tankini is perfect as it’s sure to keep everything in the right place!
The tankini is also great if you have an hourglass figure - it defines your waist, accentuates your bust and gives you longer looking legs. Once again, when it comes to colour, bright and bold will always make you stand out, whilst floral patterns will create a feminine look.

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