Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello Uni!

So any regular readers will have noticed I've recently started uni, hence me being busy busy busy! I just thought I'd update you a bit on life and my incredible room which is in the process of being made into a home. It looks so small in the photos, there's a wardrobe and television and chest of drawers off the side of one photo, so it's pretty large! Yes I live in halls, I just got an incredible room (with a double bed) in an incredible flat (which is 3 floors like a house) with some incredible people. I'm loving it so far! 
Anyone else started university lately? Isn't it the scariest thing!

Laura xxxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Barcelona Day seven

Last lot of Barcelona photos! Makes me so sad, desperately want to go back!
Absolutely love university so far! I'll tidy up my room later and try get some photos to show you all, need ideas on how to make it more home-like, feels huge and empty! Waiting for fairy lights to come in stock somewhere, nowhere has any. Also need to get some photos printed off to fill my huge noticeboards. But any other ideas please help! Want it to look tidy and not cluttered, but cosy, it's a really big room!

Trying to write a CV and get a job so I don't go out 7 days a week. Completely forgotten how to write one, its currently my address on a page ha. I will finish it today!!

Laura xxxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Barcelona Day six

So I was a bad blogger and forgot to do a proper outfit post on this day, whoops! Just editing the last Barcelona post which will be much more exciting!

Had my first night out in Leeds last night and it was really good! Met a load of lovely people already. Having a few drinks with my flat mates tonight and maybe going out, who knows! But I absolutely love it here.

Hope everyones doing well!

Laura xxxx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Barcelona Day five

Hey guys! Another Barcelona post! Nearly at the end of my photos now, but such a lovely week. We visited Sagrada de Famillia on the 5th day, it's huge! The design for it is nowhere near complete, it will eventually (hopefully in 2026 if they finish) be the largest church building in Europe!

I moved up to Leeds today and am now sat in my new room. It's lovely! Like a little house with a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, three floors and five bedrooms. Really decent size and everything, I'm just missing a white wall to photograph against, dilemma! Any good ideas of how I can make my photos look okay even with stuff in the background?
Also, I'm alone in my flat! Two of them aren't moving in for another week, but I'm far too scared to turn up at a random flat and try be friendly!

Laura xxxx


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Barcelona Day four

Playsuit - Topshop, Jacket - Zara, Shoes - Urban Outfitters
In Barcelona there are so many places to go for beautiful views, we took a cable car from the port up to a hill which overlooked the city. We also took another one from there up to a fort, which was lovely. Our hotel wasn't that far from it, so we wandered back through the Olympic village. The diving stadium seats overlook the entire city, such an incredible view! We finished off outside the Museu de D'art Catalunya with a Sangria and Beer before heading off for dinner at La Botiga near our hotel.

Spent today sat in the garden at my boyfriend's depressed that there isn't a pool to jump into. It's his Grandparents' Diamond anniversary meal tonight, will try get some photos of my outfit before I head out! Wearing a mint green dress from Glamorous.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun!

Laura xxxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Barcelona Day three

Top and shorts - Topshop, Necklace - Forever 21, Trainers - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Primark
I can't explain how incredible Barcelona is, every corner was something new. On the third day we wandered down to the port and experienced the weirdest toilets ever in the mall, 2theloo? So odd. We also saw Gaudi's first cathedral and had the yummiest smoothie.
Ate dinner in a place called Made in Italy, one of the nicest restaurants we found. They all spoke English really well and the meats on the menu all sounded amazing. My Boyfriend had the duck and loved it. We went back on our last night so he could get the Argentinian steak but it was closed. Really reasonably priced too, looks nothing from the outside but it's a real gem.

Laura xxxx


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Barcelona Day one and two

Playsuit - Zara, Rucksack- Primark, Jacket - Zara, Belt - Thrift, Shoes - Topshop

Hiya! I'm back after a lovely sunny week in Barcelona! This is the first of a few posts, going to try sum up a day or two in each.
The first day was raining, of course, so we took a short wander around, but didn't go far. We ate near our hotel on the first night, we were by the Museu de D'art Catalunya, and ate at a little tapas place called La Lola. It was lovely but my seafood paella was very salty so I wouldn't recommend it.
Day two was sunny and we visited Camp Nou to try and get tickets to the Barca match, unsuccessfully.  We took the metro (Barcelona's incredible underground system) to La Rambla. While you need to be wary of pickpockets, it's amazing! Grabbed some drinks at a bar before hunting for a dinner spot. We ate at Egypite which isn't too far from Catalunya metro station, on your right as you head for the port. For 17 euros each we had starters, main courses, a drink, bread, and were even offered desserts. The food was absolutely lovely, so if you want to avoid tapas tapas tapas it's definitely somewhere to go! People always say Las Rambles is a tourist trap, but it was one of the best and cheapest meals I had!

Laura xxxx 

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