Monday, 10 September 2012

Barcelona Day five

Hey guys! Another Barcelona post! Nearly at the end of my photos now, but such a lovely week. We visited Sagrada de Famillia on the 5th day, it's huge! The design for it is nowhere near complete, it will eventually (hopefully in 2026 if they finish) be the largest church building in Europe!

I moved up to Leeds today and am now sat in my new room. It's lovely! Like a little house with a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, three floors and five bedrooms. Really decent size and everything, I'm just missing a white wall to photograph against, dilemma! Any good ideas of how I can make my photos look okay even with stuff in the background?
Also, I'm alone in my flat! Two of them aren't moving in for another week, but I'm far too scared to turn up at a random flat and try be friendly!

Laura xxxx



Helen said...

Lovely pictures, I loved the Sagrada Familia when I visited Barcalona, somehow the fact it's unfinished adds to its charm. You should totally go introduce yourself to people, you can't spend the whole week alone! Just remember everyone's in the same boat, and the people in the next flat could turn out to be your new best friends!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are lovely! Just wondered what camera you used to take these pictures? xx

Angel In This Dress said...

I've loved your Barcelona posts! It's got me so excited for my trip there (I'm going tomorrow) x x

alter idem ls said...

It's such an incredible building! I love the whole old and new contrast too!
Yes I plucked up the courage and am absolutely loving it! Thanks for the advice! xx

alter idem ls said...

Thanks! It was my dads camera so I don't know what camera sorry! It's only a small digital camera and quite old, not an expensive SLR! xx

alter idem ls said...

Ah thank you! I'm so jealous I want to go back! Hope you're loving it there!! xx

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