Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mint Lace Dress

Dress - Glamorous, Shoes - River Island, Watch - Urban Outftters
I've been at my boyfriends for a few days so haven't posted, but I'm back today so thought I'd post quick before going out. Apologies for the hideous lighting in my room! Should've really planned this better.

Anyway, I adore this Mint Lace Dress from Glamorous! Have only worn it once before, so it feels all new, feel like a little princess! Off out because my friend Tanya is visiting! Expect a halloween post soon! 

Laura xxxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Types of Lingerie at very.co.uk

Types Of Lingerie

There are many different types of lingerie out there and you want to make sure you get the right sort to make you feel sexy and confident. You want your choice to flatter your shape - so it’s good to know that there are many types of lingerie for every shape available both online and on the high street. Below are some of the most popular types of lingerie that are guaranteed to make you look and feel great!


Bustiers are similar to corsets but tend to be shorter in length, reaching to the ribs or the waist. They are used to push up the bust and make them appear larger than they are. Bustiers traditionally have boning but many now have panels instead in order to push the bust.


Corsets are a strongly boned, strapless item of lingerie which tend to be stronger than a bustier. They tend to reach to the hips and so hold in the stomach, making it appear flatter. This often makes then very appealing to women as they clinch in the waist, making it appear smaller while the bust appears larger. Corsets can also start from below the bust and so would only be used to flatten the waist.


Babydolls are loose negligees which tend to be detailed with lace bows around the top. They skim the figure so hide any unwanted bumps or lumps and are very feminine as they are often made of chiffon or silk. They tend to reach to the top of the thighs although longer babydolls can be found.


Camisoles look like vests with spaghetti straps which are often trimmed with lace. They tend to be made out of materials such as silk or cotton and are fairly loose fitting. They tend to reach to the hips, skimming over the figure and often accentuating any curves that the wearer already has. They neither enhance nor take away from the bust but simply provide extra coverage for the wearer.


Chemises are similar to camisoles but are often less fitted. Due to this, they often come between a babydoll and a camisole. They tend to be made from cotton more than silk or chiffon and are often less detailed meaning that they can sometimes be considered slightly less feminine.

In the end, lingerie choices are down to the individual and it is very important to feel confident in whatever you choose. Make sure that you find a style that suits and flatters you and you’re sure to wow everyone who sets eyes on you.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Floral winter

Playsuit - Primark, Belt - Off a dress from Select
I've worn this playsuit in an outfit post ages ago, but I love it. It's actually perfect for winter with really wooley tights and lots of layers and fur.
I have mondays off uni, trying to be productive and failing, but at least a post came out of it!

In other news, which any of you who follow me on Instagram may know, I was featured on the homepage of Bloggers.com yesterday! Pretty big for me, and also hit over 10.000 views. I've had this blog for 5 months and had about a month with very little posting so I'm very thankful to all of my readers! Definitely getting back into it properly now! I'll try get some more interesting locations and outdoor posts when the weather cheers up a bit.

Laura xxxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lace details

Top, Skirt - Topshop, Jumper - Primark, Belt - Thrift
Super speedy post as i'm off to get the train to my Grandma's for a night! Perks of moving to Leeds for university! My course is going great! Leeds College of Art supposedly has a reputation of Fashion Design not being that great, but as I am on the new Concepts and Communication pathway (second year to do it ever!) I'm pretty optimistic! Love being able to do a project using styling, photography and photoshop editing, things I'm good at! We also have an assessment on how well we style ourselves/someone else at the Dr Marten's Styling day, excited!
Anyway pretty basic outfit, this jumper was only £8 from Primark and it's perfect to chuck over an outfit for warmth! The open neck means the lace on my top and collar is still visible which I love! Worn  it with a skirt as I'm off for lunch when I get to my Grandma's.

See you all soon!

Laura xxxx
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dark days

Top - Topshop, Belt - Thrift, Leggings - River Island, Jewellery- River Island, H&M
 Hey! Pretty boring outfit today but my Seminar finished super early so I had plenty of time to blog. It's winter so my clothes become a lot more dull on rainy days! 
I love the length on the back of this top! Chose to tuck it in on the front and use my belt for a bit of a lighter embellishment. Got these leggings to encourage myself away from Disco Pants, I already own a navy pair but really want some black ones! £70 seems too much for black leggings though, and the dupes are too thin to tuck stuff in and it not be visible, so it'll have to be American Apparel eventually.
Had a really interesting seminar on Globalization and all about stores using sweatshops and all the negative and positive impacts, really enjoying my course! I have to type up notes/upload essays I've done in my weekly Seminar and Lecture onto a blog, so I'll be sure to link it to you all occasionally!

Laura xxxx


Monday, 15 October 2012

Metallic florals

Blazer - River Island*, Shorts - Topshop, Bodysuit - American Apparel
Hey again! Sorry for being so absent from blogging, I really dislike how photos on my camera look in my room lighting, and I don't have much space to take them anyway! I experimented and these are on my mac  with my room visible in the background but hopefully not too distracting, any opinions on this set up?
Hopefully should be back to blogging more often now I like how this turns out!
This is what I wore out on friday, but I've put it back on to show you all as it was dark when I got ready before, the house/flat next door had a Caribbean party, then me and some others went to Chaos at Space (Leeds). I have this bodysuit in white but decided I wanted black too, I love it! I chucked the blazer over (bought on the 20% off student night) and wore it most the night to avoid being too naked, but had a lot of compliments on what I wore!
They just opened a massssive Topshop here and these shorts were one of my purchases. I've got a thing for patterned shorts and these are metallic too! Perfect!
Hope everyones okay!

Laura xxxx
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Monday, 1 October 2012

Dungaree doll

Dungarees - Blue Rinse, Nails - Models own Nude Beige and Pink Fizz
Hey! Finally got round to doing an outfit post! New location now so I'm getting used to lighting/time of day/ where to put my camera so sorry for the average photos! My room  is huge but I'm lacking a plain white wall to photograph against without moving my room each time! Also need to get a tripod, so unorganised. Need to get back into blogging though.

Anyway, bought these dungarees on saturday, and after a bit of DIY and TLC they were wearable, absolutely love them! Don't ever want to take them off! Also had a massive haul from the Models Own sale which arrived two days after I ordered it, such good delivery! 

In a bit of a rush because I have uni work to do, but follow me on Instagram for more regular life updates! @Lauracinnamon!

Laura xxxx
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