Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dark days

Top - Topshop, Belt - Thrift, Leggings - River Island, Jewellery- River Island, H&M
 Hey! Pretty boring outfit today but my Seminar finished super early so I had plenty of time to blog. It's winter so my clothes become a lot more dull on rainy days! 
I love the length on the back of this top! Chose to tuck it in on the front and use my belt for a bit of a lighter embellishment. Got these leggings to encourage myself away from Disco Pants, I already own a navy pair but really want some black ones! £70 seems too much for black leggings though, and the dupes are too thin to tuck stuff in and it not be visible, so it'll have to be American Apparel eventually.
Had a really interesting seminar on Globalization and all about stores using sweatshops and all the negative and positive impacts, really enjoying my course! I have to type up notes/upload essays I've done in my weekly Seminar and Lecture onto a blog, so I'll be sure to link it to you all occasionally!

Laura xxxx



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love your outfit!

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Diana Marks said...

I love this look and your manicure!
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Love this outfit!


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Thank you! I have liked it :) xxx

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