Monday, 15 October 2012

Metallic florals

Blazer - River Island*, Shorts - Topshop, Bodysuit - American Apparel
Hey again! Sorry for being so absent from blogging, I really dislike how photos on my camera look in my room lighting, and I don't have much space to take them anyway! I experimented and these are on my mac  with my room visible in the background but hopefully not too distracting, any opinions on this set up?
Hopefully should be back to blogging more often now I like how this turns out!
This is what I wore out on friday, but I've put it back on to show you all as it was dark when I got ready before, the house/flat next door had a Caribbean party, then me and some others went to Chaos at Space (Leeds). I have this bodysuit in white but decided I wanted black too, I love it! I chucked the blazer over (bought on the 20% off student night) and wore it most the night to avoid being too naked, but had a lot of compliments on what I wore!
They just opened a massssive Topshop here and these shorts were one of my purchases. I've got a thing for patterned shorts and these are metallic too! Perfect!
Hope everyones okay!

Laura xxxx
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Grace said...

I have that bodysuit and it looks 1000 x better on you than me haha. Love this outfit xx

alter idem ls said...

I'm sure it doesn't but thank you! I'd love you to do a post on how you style yours! xx

stephhayhoe said...

Love these shorts! :) xx

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