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Types Of Lingerie

There are many different types of lingerie out there and you want to make sure you get the right sort to make you feel sexy and confident. You want your choice to flatter your shape - so it’s good to know that there are many types of lingerie for every shape available both online and on the high street. Below are some of the most popular types of lingerie that are guaranteed to make you look and feel great!


Bustiers are similar to corsets but tend to be shorter in length, reaching to the ribs or the waist. They are used to push up the bust and make them appear larger than they are. Bustiers traditionally have boning but many now have panels instead in order to push the bust.


Corsets are a strongly boned, strapless item of lingerie which tend to be stronger than a bustier. They tend to reach to the hips and so hold in the stomach, making it appear flatter. This often makes then very appealing to women as they clinch in the waist, making it appear smaller while the bust appears larger. Corsets can also start from below the bust and so would only be used to flatten the waist.


Babydolls are loose negligees which tend to be detailed with lace bows around the top. They skim the figure so hide any unwanted bumps or lumps and are very feminine as they are often made of chiffon or silk. They tend to reach to the top of the thighs although longer babydolls can be found.


Camisoles look like vests with spaghetti straps which are often trimmed with lace. They tend to be made out of materials such as silk or cotton and are fairly loose fitting. They tend to reach to the hips, skimming over the figure and often accentuating any curves that the wearer already has. They neither enhance nor take away from the bust but simply provide extra coverage for the wearer.


Chemises are similar to camisoles but are often less fitted. Due to this, they often come between a babydoll and a camisole. They tend to be made from cotton more than silk or chiffon and are often less detailed meaning that they can sometimes be considered slightly less feminine.

In the end, lingerie choices are down to the individual and it is very important to feel confident in whatever you choose. Make sure that you find a style that suits and flatters you and you’re sure to wow everyone who sets eyes on you.


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