Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Black glitter

Hat, Jumper - H&M, Disco Pants - American Apparel, Watch - River Island, Rings - Primark & Miss Selfridge, Bracelet - part of a Topshop necklace

So I have a couple of written posts lined up, but hate having loads in a row, my least favourite thing is a blog just full of sponsored posts! I really like my outfit today as some of it's new, so decided I had to share it! Just heading down to my NEW WORK to fill out all the paperwork, so excited!

Anyway, whats everyones opinion on this hat? My male flatmate laughed at me in it, but the girls like it, honest opinions please because I'm unsure! I also picked up this jumper from H&M for just £7! I need wintery jumpers and this sparkle is so lovely, it's slightly itchy but i'll survive! Worn my Black Disco pants because I adore them, however they look like my navy ones in this photo! Decided they're both pretty similar to justify owning both.

Hope everyones had a lovely week, and a massive hello to all my new followers since I've gotten back into blogging! I try to check out everyones blogs but if I haven't looked at yours just comment with a link to it and i'll be sure to!

Laura xxxx


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tartan Shirt

Denim jacket - Thrift, Shirt - Primark, Top - Topshop, AA Disco Pants, Jewellery - Primark, Kukee, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters Watch
Hey, just a quick post today, I hopefully will have some more outdoor ones this week on a proper camera, doesn't work well in my rooms lighting though. The window is in such an awkward place so only my door and dark blue walls get any light. Have received some lovely pieces lately, can't wait to show you all!

I was hunting for a flannel tartan shirt for ages when I came across this one in the Primark mens section, cheap and cheerful! It's a small but is the length I wanted and really nice! I was heading to the German market today so threw on a denim jacket for warmth. Really excited for christmas now!

Hope everyones enjoying the Christmas festivities in their towns! I love all the christmas lights, Starbucks special drinks and coming home and wrapping up all warm in bed!

Laura xxxx
p.s sorry this post is so dark, the photos were more exposed before I uploaded them to blogger!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Okay please ignore the obvious colour schemes! Some of these I would probably get in different colours, but everywhere just seems to have black and oxblood red/burgundy atm!

1. Motel Catalina Off Shoulder Skater Dress in Black. Okay this is my DREAM dress, I NEED it for new years eve! I have just bought a flannel tartan shirt which will dress it down perfectly, then i'd have my legs out and wear my flatform wedges, I just need it! I saw it a couple of weeks ago and it's still out of stock. I'm being optimistic because it's still on the website but I may have to hunt elsewhere.
2. Jillian Velvet Plunge Bodycon dress. Dress number two, I'd maybe get this in navy or the gorgeous green colour, playing it safe with this burgundy colour. I absolutely love this, but I hate the feel of velvet so I mayhave to pass.
3. Khloe Mixed Knit Jumper. I want this jumper in both colours. I desperately need some winter knits, the north is cold! I also think things like this are pretty timeless, and for just £20 it's a steal. Definitely ordering a boohoo haul soon of some basics!
4. Oxblood Velvet Skater Skirt. I love floaty skirts, they can be paired with absolutely anything, a simple top, a lovely shirt, a jumper, so many possibilities. Again not sure which colour I'd get this skirt in, and another velvet dilemma, but I need it!
5. Long Sleeve Crop Tee. Forever (well ever since I bought my first pair of Disco Pants) I've been hunting for a long sleeved crop tee, and Topshop finally have some for just £10! Can't wait to get this! There's three or four colours I think, may crave and buy them all. However they look quite long, may not work with the high-waist of Disco Pants, we'll see!
6. Velvet Check Treggings. Fancy pants. Do I get these or the white and black checkered ones?! I adore them, tried on the black and white ones friday to see the fit, the 10's fit me perfectly which rarely happens due to my skinny legs! Adore these and cannot wait to buy them.
7. Gold Tone Bracelet Watch. I have a real thing for watches, either this or the rose gold one is going straight on my christmas list!
8. Aminah Dome Stud Thick Cuff. Another boohoo gem, I love leather wrist details and this one is gorgeous! Will be chucked into my basket during a boohoo order soon!

Laura xxxx


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Winter fur

Blazer - River Island, Shirt - Zara, Fur - H&M, Skirt - Romwe, Belt - Select, Shoes - Garage Shoes, Rings - Primark, H&M, Kukee
 Outdoor post! Finally did one, this is by my halls, good location? Let me know what you think! It wasn't too cold today, literally had to submit my first uni project and then I had a job interview. I got a trial for it! Hopefully i'll get it, will be a waitress just taking drink orders and serving the drinks, lovely! Went to the Christmas Market tonight too, in a massive jumper over this aha, was lovely! Everyone make sure you go to your local one!!

Just chilling with my flatmates tonight, hoping everyones having a great day!

Laura xxxx


Art is Fashion

Okay slightly odd post today, my friend Hayley had created a headpiece for her Fashion project so we did a really quick photoshoot, the location is perfect! Literally right by my halls so definitely an outfit post location! Anyway, I thought i'd share the photos, her entire project was incredible, inspired by Sarah Lucas, and it is such an interesting outcome. 

Body, Disco pants - AA, Wedges - Quiz
Laura xxxx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Winter stole summer

Top - Zara, Skirt - H&M, Blazer - Boohoo, Hat - Topshop, Belt - Thrift, Watch - River Island, Rings - Primark, H&M, Kukee

Probably the most photos i've ever used in a post, but I wanted to show how i'd stop myself freezing in the outfit too. My uni is about two minutes from my halls so I really don't have far to walk, else I'd be wrapped up a lot warmer! 
I got this top ages ago in a Zara sale for a few pounds, admittedly I never wear it, but it makes me feel slightly french with this outfit! May also see how it looks with my dungarees soon. The rest of my outfit is pretty basic, my staple skirt again, a belt, and a blazer. My socks match my skirt and I've worn black wedges but any photos of them came out too orange, sorry!
My first assignment is due in on Thursday morning and I'm not toooo panicky yet, have got a bit to do but hopefully i'll be fine. Probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow but I'll try get a decent outdoor one thursday if it's dry!

Anyway, best stop procrastinating and do some work, hope you're all having a nice day!

Laura xxxx
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Monday, 12 November 2012

The Body Shop!

Hey guys!
So currently in the process of planning my Boyfriends present and it's taking up a lot of time, so when it comes to everyone else I'm panicking! We're doing a flat secret santa, so when I got this email today I knew it'd be perfect.

Personally, I love the body shop products. I have only tried the body butters and some shower things, but I definitely need to try more! The scents are always lovely, and less overpowering than products from places like Lush.

Anyway, they have some great offers on starting today and running until the 19th, so it's a perfect time to snap up those christmas presents! They even have a specific christmas page  with a great selection of gifts, sorted into categories like for him, for her, under £5, under £10 and so on.

The great offers you can get on top of this are...
Receive £5, £10 or £25 OFF your order using the code : TREAT. (this is £5 off purchases over £15, £10 off over £25 and £25 off over £50!)
Buy more, save more £6 gifts using the code : SAVE. (save £2 when you buy two, £6 when you buy three, and £8 when you buy four)
50% OFF Vitamin E moisture cream, Vitamin E Intensive Moisture cream, Vitamin E Night cream using the code : 50VITE. Also receive 30% OFF other selected Vitamin E products with the same code!

All of these offers end on the 19th of November but are running now so get your christmas gifts cheaper now!

Laura xxxx


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Floral and Cats

Cardigan - Topshop, Fur - H&M, American Apparel Disco Pants - ASOS, Shirt - Romwe, Backpack - Primark, Watch - Urban Outfitters, Rings - Primark, H&M & Kukee*
I'm back to taking photos in my room! I keep trying to clear a white wall but it isn't possible. Hopefully going to collaborate with my flat mate who does a photography degree, then I'll finally have some better quality photos! 

I haven't posted with this shirt yet, I don't think, even though I've had it nearly a year and love it! My boyfriend got me it for christmas off Romwe, it's a lovely floral print with little cats heads subtly on it. So cute! Wore it with my NEW black AA Disco pants, couldn't resist the student 25% offer on ASOS! Chucked a cardi and fur collar on for warmth and went food shopping. Living away from home is hard!

Anyway, got tonnes of uni work to do so best be off. Please link me to some blogs and even your Instagram's so I have some night-time reading and relaxing tonight! Feel free to follow my Instagram - @Lauracinnamon, but post yours below so I can check it out too!

Laura xxxx

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Winter feeling

Dress - Ebay (old), Boots - Miss Selfridge (old), Belt, Jacket - Thrift, Rings - Kukee*, Watch - Urban Outfitters
Hey! So I tried shooting downstairs today, but the bars on the windows don't make the best shadow and the light is far too bright, so I'm still on the hunt for a good photo location.

I felt wintery/christmassey today so whacked out my christmas dress from last year, it is similar to the one that was in topshop, but the fabric has flower detailing (which you cannot see on camera) and it was a fraction of the price off ebay. I had a hunt for some to link but couldn't find any, sorry!

Anyway, I ordered black disco pants (oops) during ASOS's 25% off for students offer and they arrived today, so i'll be spending the night dancing about in them (my navy ones are boring), while trying to do my university work. Have my assessment on my first project this Friday and I'm so scared ahhh.

Laura xxxx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Studded boots

Top, Necklace - Topshop, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Select, Shoes - Garage Shoes
Hey everyone! 
Just a quick post today because I've been super busy with uni work, I will be posting over this weekend though properly hopefully, so keep an eye out!
Pretty typical uni outfit for me, comfy and easy. The studio is always boiling too so I can't deal with super winter clothes. I'm desperately looking for a large tartan scarf, anyone seen any nice ones about?

Also, these are my new shoes! Not as new now but I love them, and for just £25 they were a bargain! I'm planning on getting right back into blogging, once I've finished this uni assignment I'll do up my blog a bit! I met a friend of What Olivia Did  the other day and realised I've neglected my blog, so I'm determined to put a lot more time into it. I really want an illustration for it! If anyone knows any good illustrators please link me to them below! 

Hope you're all having a nice day,
Laura xxxx 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Candy skull

So here's my candy skull make-up from last night! Me and my friend both did mirror faces so we matched, then went for a super basic outfit. I know Candy Skulls were very over done this year, but it meant it was great to find tutorials and really cheap and fun! We literally just used white and black facepaint with a hint of blue on the cheek shading, and a lot of liquid eyeliner, oh and black lipstick. Water based facepaint is best as it's easy to build up areas and to blend and shade.

Anyway, I've been loving everyones halloween posts!

Hope you all had a great night!

Laura xxxx
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