Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tartan Shirt

Denim jacket - Thrift, Shirt - Primark, Top - Topshop, AA Disco Pants, Jewellery - Primark, Kukee, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters Watch
Hey, just a quick post today, I hopefully will have some more outdoor ones this week on a proper camera, doesn't work well in my rooms lighting though. The window is in such an awkward place so only my door and dark blue walls get any light. Have received some lovely pieces lately, can't wait to show you all!

I was hunting for a flannel tartan shirt for ages when I came across this one in the Primark mens section, cheap and cheerful! It's a small but is the length I wanted and really nice! I was heading to the German market today so threw on a denim jacket for warmth. Really excited for christmas now!

Hope everyones enjoying the Christmas festivities in their towns! I love all the christmas lights, Starbucks special drinks and coming home and wrapping up all warm in bed!

Laura xxxx
p.s sorry this post is so dark, the photos were more exposed before I uploaded them to blogger!


Shan Purdy said...

I like this outfit! Love the shirt:)
Thanks for your follow, definitely following you back! x

ms fashion street said...

hello! I congratulate you for your blog! these pictures are very beautiful and you're so well dressed! I am a new follower if you like you return you can do on bloglovin and gfc!

Kacie Cone said...

I love those rings!

Laura said...

i love this outfit!
and i've been after a shirt like that for ages, never thought of looking in primark mens for one.
i buy jumpers from there but haven't ever looked at the shirts so i'll definitely be keeping my eyes open now.
thank you for the inspiration!
also, how cool do you look in your disco pants?!
you make me so jealous i don't own a pair!
you know, whenever i think of disco pants i get that lady gaga song in my head that goes "lets have some fun this beat is sick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick".. creeeeep haha.
anyway, yes, i love your outfit, i love your personality that comes across and i love your blog, so it won't come as a surprise to you that i'm following as of.. now! :)
please pop over and say hello, i'd love to speak some more, hope to hear from you soon,
laura xx

Anonymous said...

I'm following you, you have such an amazing blog.

Danielle Wainwright said...

i love this outfit, i've been looking for a tartan flannel shirt lately and am definitely going to try out primark mens now, thanks! :) xx

Hola Bambi said...

Love this outfit , I adore oversize denim jackets xx

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