Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Okay please ignore the obvious colour schemes! Some of these I would probably get in different colours, but everywhere just seems to have black and oxblood red/burgundy atm!

1. Motel Catalina Off Shoulder Skater Dress in Black. Okay this is my DREAM dress, I NEED it for new years eve! I have just bought a flannel tartan shirt which will dress it down perfectly, then i'd have my legs out and wear my flatform wedges, I just need it! I saw it a couple of weeks ago and it's still out of stock. I'm being optimistic because it's still on the website but I may have to hunt elsewhere.
2. Jillian Velvet Plunge Bodycon dress. Dress number two, I'd maybe get this in navy or the gorgeous green colour, playing it safe with this burgundy colour. I absolutely love this, but I hate the feel of velvet so I mayhave to pass.
3. Khloe Mixed Knit Jumper. I want this jumper in both colours. I desperately need some winter knits, the north is cold! I also think things like this are pretty timeless, and for just £20 it's a steal. Definitely ordering a boohoo haul soon of some basics!
4. Oxblood Velvet Skater Skirt. I love floaty skirts, they can be paired with absolutely anything, a simple top, a lovely shirt, a jumper, so many possibilities. Again not sure which colour I'd get this skirt in, and another velvet dilemma, but I need it!
5. Long Sleeve Crop Tee. Forever (well ever since I bought my first pair of Disco Pants) I've been hunting for a long sleeved crop tee, and Topshop finally have some for just £10! Can't wait to get this! There's three or four colours I think, may crave and buy them all. However they look quite long, may not work with the high-waist of Disco Pants, we'll see!
6. Velvet Check Treggings. Fancy pants. Do I get these or the white and black checkered ones?! I adore them, tried on the black and white ones friday to see the fit, the 10's fit me perfectly which rarely happens due to my skinny legs! Adore these and cannot wait to buy them.
7. Gold Tone Bracelet Watch. I have a real thing for watches, either this or the rose gold one is going straight on my christmas list!
8. Aminah Dome Stud Thick Cuff. Another boohoo gem, I love leather wrist details and this one is gorgeous! Will be chucked into my basket during a boohoo order soon!

Laura xxxx



Anonymous said...

The two black dresses look so nice... Looking for a long sleeved bodycon one for NYE! X

Annie said...

love this wishlist!:) I keep meaning to try on those leggings and I love how river island watches look so similar to michael kors ones!:)xo

Angel In This Dress said...

I love the red velvet skirt! I love skater skirts but find that the length is often too short for me :'( x x

alter idem ls said...

Unfortunately the first is now out of stock :( I found a gorgeous playsuit instead which i'll post about! xx

alter idem ls said...

The leggings are incredible! They fit so nicely, not sure whether or not to buy them still though! Yes exactly why I love them! I already own one and adore it, but have to get them adjusted to fit my wrists :( xx

alter idem ls said...

It's gorgeous! Topshop and some stores often have the same skirts in the tall section, you should try those because they tend to be a lot longer! xx

Sindy said...

I do love the Oxblood velvet skirt!

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

Cool choices! Amazing blog!
Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

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devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xx

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