Thursday, 6 December 2012

LCA exhibition

Okay so me and a couple of girls off my course took a trip down to Bird's Yard in Leeds today (if you live here and haven't been then GO, it has the cutest cafe and loads of little vintage shops!) because there was an exhibition on of Level 5 work.
I'm on a new course at Leeds College of Art and as I'm the second year group to do it ever (exciting!) it's rare that we get a chance to see work. This is the first project i'll do next year and i'm so excited! The exhibition also contained work from the Fashion Design pathway, but I thought i'd share some of my favourite parts.

I had a mind blank and completely forgot to note down the names of those who did the work, but if anyone wants to know I will find out and add it into the post! We were allowed to photograph but I feel the students deserve credit for their work.

All work by Leeds College of Art Level 5 students - Fashion (Design & Realisation/Concepts & Communication)

Laura xxxx



HeartsAndCrosses said...

Love this, really amazing inspiration! I always wanted to be one of those people that was amazing at creating art, but I never was!


Milex said...

I really love it

Simona Mar said...

I like the necklace, I did a short jewellery course myself for basic metal work, it was interesting but I would like to know and learn more. To see others work its huge inspiration.

Simona Mar x

Zeitverschwender said...

Wow I would really like to go there, that sounds and looks very cool!

Pastime Bliss said...

It amazing seeing the work that comes out of new talent :)

Lola x

carelessly cut said...

All the work looks awesome!

Rosie x

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