Tuesday, 18 December 2012

WIWT Secret Santa!

Hey everyone!
Okay so this is slightly different from my usual posts, I really want to broaden what I feature on my blog. I'm hoping to do more beauty style posts, if anyones interested please let me know as I have some ideas for posts lined up already! 

Anyway, I took part in the WIWT secret santa! We were given a person from anywhere across the globe and asked to spend £5-£10 on a present for them. Personally I love the website, I don't always have time to take top notch outfit photos, infact most of the time my photos are very average. I hate the whole "super blogger" persona about having to have perfect photos in perfect locations which just aren't always achievable. Lookbook is a bit out of my league so I very rarely post photos on there. I love Chictopia for my more exciting posts, which often get featured on the homepage so I'm very lucky. However, I post ALL of my outfits on WIWT. If you haven't seen the website yet then click here! Highly recommend it to share your outfits on another platform and get new followers! 

This was my lovely present that I received, unfortunately they kept it secret, which I'm slightly gutted about as I would have loved to have thanked them! It's a gorgeous little purse, which I've decided I'm going to use as a coin bag so that I stop trying to jam up my big purse! It's from People Tree which is a brand I've looked at in my seminars and I really wanted to get a product from, I know it's fairtrade and handmade and just a genuine company, so it's a really sweet and thoughtful gift! I hope WIWT do it again next year, I will definitely take part again!!

Laura xxx
p.s if you have accounts on any of the websites I've mentioned, be sure to follow me!
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lolakate said...

so cute...itd drive me mad not knowing who it was!! :) x

Stacey Kane said...

really pretty purse, I've never heard of People Tree until now I'll definitely check out their site. it's a shame they kept it secret so you couldnt thank them, but maybe the sender will see your post :)
I'm a new blog follower x

Pastime Bliss said...

aww such a sweet gift. really wanted to do the wiwt secret santa but i didnt get myself in gear on time. following you on wiwt :)

Lola x

Adora Mehitabel said...

Very sweet www.adoramehitabel,blogspot.com

elliebea said...

Lovely post! Great blog hun!

Come check me out! elliebeaa.blogspot.com


alter idem ls said...

Same! I posted mine last week anonymously and hate that I've kept it secret too! xx

alter idem ls said...

I have only discussed them at university, but I know they're very fairtrade and ecological so it's such a lovely gift! xx

alter idem ls said...

Next year lets hope they do it again!
Thanks! xx

Zoe Barrow said...

this is so sweet, i never even knew the secret santa was happening. Hope it happens again next year, will definitely take part! x

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