Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm In His Favourite Sun Dress

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, Dress - Old (topshop), Belt - Thrift, Jumper - H&M, Leggings - River Island, Socks - Topshop, Boots - Fashion Union

So here's my outfit from yesterday, again apologies for the first photo, my eyes were shut on all the others and this was taken at long distance so had to crop it closer, whoops! Went for a monochrome look, just something easy and comfortable for my coach down south, (5 hours long wah). Really wish I'd gone back up to London today as I NEED the Topshop Easy Jean style jeans, (Joni Super High Waisted I think) they are gorgeous and completely out of stock by me. 

Mina had to travel back as she bought Disco Pants yesterday on Oxford Street (terrible customer service) and got home to a faulty broken button! Took them back today (less than 24 hours after) and received a "you sure you haven't worn them?" response, so rude! Definitely advise ordering offline/off Asos as you know they're unworn and hopefully less likely to be faulty! 

Laura xxxx

London Bridge

Hey guys! So yesterday I travelled home from uni for a few days, YAY! and met up with Mina in London along the way. I unfortunately have hardly any photos because 1. the outfit photos my eyes were closed in (outfit post coming later today) and 2. you weren't allowed to photograph inside the Tim Walker Exhibition, but I thought i'd share these photos with you.

Mina is considering starting up a blog again now that she's settled into her new job, (visual merchandiser) so i'll be sure to keep you all updated on that!

Laura xxxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Storage Ideas

Hey guys!

Slightly different post today, been using my camera all day at uni walking around Leeds Art Gallery, so fancied carrying on. Thought i'd show you some of the storage I use for make-up/jewellery etc. I am a very messy person (oops) so these help me a little to keep my important things tidy away and not messy.

I got these paper-mache type brown pots and fake books from hobbycraft over christmas. They were only about 70p each and I loved them! I'm pretty sure they're for decorating, but at the moment I'm keeping them this colour, may decorate when I have a nicely coloured room next year! I keep my nail varnishes in the books, perfect fit! Two of the three pots are full of jewellery, and the last is my tip jar where I collect all my tips from work.

I also bought this GORGEOUS candle holder, but it gets too hot with a candle in! You cannot lift up the top to blow it out, SO I alternated and it is now my make-up brush holder, cute hey?

Finally is this tin bucket, I fill this with my day-to-day makeup, I have a box with other bits in, but my most used things stay in here to make my mornings easier and quicker, can't decide between colours at 9am. 
Laura xxxx


Monday, 21 January 2013

She set the whole neighborhood to life

Lennon Sunglasses - Firmoo*, Rest of outfit - See previous post
A few weeks ago I was sent these sunglasses, however they arrived in Leeds after I went home for Christmas so I have only just got around to having good photos taken (bad blogger, sorry!).

I've wanted round sunglasses for years, but never felt brave enough, these I love though. Wearing sunglasses can instantly change the look of an outfit, and create a whole new style. That can be said for Sunglasses or normal glasses. Gone are the days when regular glasses are just for prescription wearers, you can find all types of glasses non-prescription to create the style you want to portray. Firmoo has hundreds of styles of glasses and sunglasses in both prescription and non-prescription, at really reasonable prices! 

The best part of all this is their First Pair Free Programme, which is available worldwide! They come with a hard case, lens cleaner, replacements for the nose pads including screws and a screwdriver, everything! You'll be amazed with the quality and and designs of these glasses, I'm already eyeing up a few more pairs as I know they'll be great and last for ages. With this programme you can get your first pair completely free, (you just pay for shipping), and if you aren't fully satisfied you can even get an exchange/refund, so why not get yourself a pair and see?

I cannot wait for summer to swing around so I can wear these more!

Laura xxxx

Frolic in the lights

Coat - River Island, Top - Topshop, Scarf & Hat - H&M, Necklace - Urban Outfitters, Wellies - Homebase

Hey! I hope everyones loving the snow! It's finally properly hit Leeds, even though it doesn't look that deep in these photos. I ventured out for some outfit photos in my trusty old DIY store Wellies, (old!). Apologies about my tired looking eyes, my make-up has been at my friends since Thursday so I've only  had eyeshadow, foundation and mascara, oops!

I still adore this hat, even though my male flatmate laughs at me everytime he sees it, obviously a personal preference so sorry if any of you don't like it! Also wore my UO necklace which my Boyfriend got me well over a year ago, I adore it but it's slightly broken so get nervous wearing it and wrecking it completely!

I've got some exciting stuff coming up on my blog so keep peeled, have another post scheduled for this evening (two in a day oops) and some information for you all on an exciting new website! For updates follow my blog's twitter account (@alteridem_) or my instagram (@lauracinnamon)!

Laura xxxx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Leather Jacket

Leggings - Select, Shirt - Primark, Jumper - Boohoo, Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Hey guys! Just a quick post today, back in my trusty old uni room, haven't had anyone to take photos for me lately as we've had a massive deadline, will try and get some soon!

I really wanted to show you all my new leather jacket! I've needed one for ages, got this from Dorothy Perkins and it was 25% off for students so cost about £40! Bargain! I'm wearing my work shirt with all this chucked over as I spend nearly my whole weekend there, boring!

Hope you're all well! 

Laura xxxx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Velvet Playsuit

Playsuit - Topshop, Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union, Blazer - River Island

Hello! Apologies for my massive absence, I have a deadline on Thursday so have been hard at work, and have also been picking up extra shifts at my own work to try and afford food, oh uni life.

Anyway, this is what I wore Saturday before last to my Boyfriend's Mum's Birthday Party, I adore the playsuit and think its the most gorgeous colour! The detailing of the shape on the back is incredible, if not causing trouble when I need the loo. Despite this it's my new favourite thing, I bought it months back and was saving it for this night, so was great to wear it! I did get a photo with the Robbie Williams tribute act, but unfortunately haven't even seen it myself so can't share it.

I will try and get around to replying to comments and checking out all your blogs over the next couple of days, so feel free to link recent posts below for my night-time reading!

Laura xxxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

All Glitter Everything

Hat - Urban Outfitters, Faux Fur, Jumper - H&M, Dress - Ebay, Shoes - Fashion Union, Belt - Thrift

Went shopping in Birmingham yesterday and this was just a quick outfit, end of the week so my suitcase of clothes at my boyfriends is nearly all worn, ah dear. Glittery dress and glittery jumper it was, I actually really like it. A little dark for me, but it's winter so it's allowed. Always wear this belt if my outfits fairly loose to give some fitting to my waist, and then my fur collar is perfect as always just chucked over for warmth.

I have hardly taken these shoes off since I got them from my boyfriend, the perfect heeled chelsea boots, love them! Definitely my new wardrobe staple piece.

Laura xxxx


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mix of Textures

Scarf - H&M, Jumper - Boohoo, Treggings - Topshop, Shoes - Vans, Bag - Select, Necklace - H&M
 Hey! So this is another outfit from London, a lot plainer and I got these photos took far too late (bad blogger) but oh well! My boyfriend got me this jumper for christmas and I love it! Wore it with my new Topshop treggings, my fancy pants. Went for the black ones rather than the white and black, I'm not brave enough.

My tartan scarf is such a regular on my blog, perfect for winter! Was out shopping and roaming London all day, comfort before style for me!

Anyway, It's my boyfriends mum's birthday party tonight so I'm off to get ready, may get a few quick outfit snaps before I leave if I have time! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Laura xxxx


Friday, 4 January 2013

Chelsea Girl

Coat and Dress - River Island, Socks - Topshop, Boots - Fashion Union, Hat - Urban Outfitters

Hey everyone! Happy new year!

I've just got back from a lovely few days in London with my Boyfriend, we did so much in the two days (not exactly a touristy trip though) and ate at some incredible places! I wasn't sure whether to do a post including what we did and a few photos because I know a lot of people live in London anyway, a lot of my traffic comes from there, so makes it a little un-useful? Let me know if you'd like me to! 

This outfit is all new, the shoes (high heel chelsea boots) and bowler hat were christmas presents, and I got myself the Top/Dress (worn as a dress) along with this incredible coat in the River Island Sale. £30 for a coat! The collar is leathery too which you can't see in these photos but it's gorgeous. This is a size 6 and is still fairly big on the back, don't think boyfriend fit is that flattering on me! I love it anyway though.

I didn't do much sale shopping this year, and am returning half of what I bought, massively let down by all the sales! Such a shame, I love stocking up on warm clothing like jumpers and jackets, oh well. Spring/Summer shopping soon and I cannot wait!

Laura xxxx
p.s First blog post with my new camera! Finally will have more good quality posts while I'm back at uni!

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