Monday, 21 January 2013

She set the whole neighborhood to life

Lennon Sunglasses - Firmoo*, Rest of outfit - See previous post
A few weeks ago I was sent these sunglasses, however they arrived in Leeds after I went home for Christmas so I have only just got around to having good photos taken (bad blogger, sorry!).

I've wanted round sunglasses for years, but never felt brave enough, these I love though. Wearing sunglasses can instantly change the look of an outfit, and create a whole new style. That can be said for Sunglasses or normal glasses. Gone are the days when regular glasses are just for prescription wearers, you can find all types of glasses non-prescription to create the style you want to portray. Firmoo has hundreds of styles of glasses and sunglasses in both prescription and non-prescription, at really reasonable prices! 

The best part of all this is their First Pair Free Programme, which is available worldwide! They come with a hard case, lens cleaner, replacements for the nose pads including screws and a screwdriver, everything! You'll be amazed with the quality and and designs of these glasses, I'm already eyeing up a few more pairs as I know they'll be great and last for ages. With this programme you can get your first pair completely free, (you just pay for shipping), and if you aren't fully satisfied you can even get an exchange/refund, so why not get yourself a pair and see?

I cannot wait for summer to swing around so I can wear these more!

Laura xxxx


Lucy Locket said...

Love the sunglasses, they suit you so much!! Your blog is fab, Hope you'll follow back?

Dilan Dilir said...

such perfect glasses! looks amazing on you :)

Anonymous said...

They suit you! I could never pull them off but they look really nice!

Lindsey Elizabeth Pritchard said...

Love these glasses! These are the Firmoo ones I was going to order but never got round to doing it! Are these prescription or not?

Lindsey. x

Anonymous said...

Literally LOVE those glasses. Your scarf is fab too!

Georgia x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

You look gorgeous, love the glasses!


alter idem ls said...

Thanks lovely! xx

alter idem ls said...

Ahh thanks! xx

alter idem ls said...

Definitely order them! These are non-prescription :) you can get them with or without! xx

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