Thursday, 24 January 2013

Storage Ideas

Hey guys!

Slightly different post today, been using my camera all day at uni walking around Leeds Art Gallery, so fancied carrying on. Thought i'd show you some of the storage I use for make-up/jewellery etc. I am a very messy person (oops) so these help me a little to keep my important things tidy away and not messy.

I got these paper-mache type brown pots and fake books from hobbycraft over christmas. They were only about 70p each and I loved them! I'm pretty sure they're for decorating, but at the moment I'm keeping them this colour, may decorate when I have a nicely coloured room next year! I keep my nail varnishes in the books, perfect fit! Two of the three pots are full of jewellery, and the last is my tip jar where I collect all my tips from work.

I also bought this GORGEOUS candle holder, but it gets too hot with a candle in! You cannot lift up the top to blow it out, SO I alternated and it is now my make-up brush holder, cute hey?

Finally is this tin bucket, I fill this with my day-to-day makeup, I have a box with other bits in, but my most used things stay in here to make my mornings easier and quicker, can't decide between colours at 9am. 
Laura xxxx



Babies, Buttons and Bows said...

The boxes are for decoupage....I have the equipment if you wanna bring them back to decorate them :) love the book ones!

Amy x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

I love your storage, its all so cute!


Angel In This Dress said...

I love the book ones! I saw them in Hobby Craft once and was considering doing the exact same thing with them :) Really tempted to go back for them now, they look great! x x

Megan Lillie said...

Thanks for this post! I really need to store all my bits and bobs better as my room is one huge clutter at the minute!
Megan xxx

alter idem ls said...

Bringing them back at summer so they can match my room next year :D xxx

alter idem ls said...

Thanks! Definitely, a different way to store stuff and really pretty! xx

Shabby Chic and Tea said...

such a lovely post, I think they are a lovely idea:)! and would be nice as a gift for someone too1:)

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