Saturday, 9 February 2013

It's The Sweet Words, That Pulls Me In

Jacket - Thrift, Top - Zara, Treggings - Topshop, Faux Litas - Ebay
Hey guys!

So if any of you read my posts a lot (or follow me on twitter) you'll know I'm in a long distance relationship. Me and my boyfriend had our valentines day on Wednesday because we won't be seeing each other until march now *sob* and this was my outfit! 

I threw on my faux litas for the first time in ages, the heels feel really loose so I was pretty nervous, I'd invest in a new pair but I don't think I wear them enough, opinions?

Anyway, this fur coat was a bargain, £12! Absolutely love it, the sleeves are a bit short so cropped I guess. Wore it with my lovely velvet check treggings and another bargain, this Zara top which I got in the sale for £18 and love! The back is just gorgeous. Went for Mac's So Chaud on my lips and pretty simple eye make up.

We went to Zizzi's and made the most of my 2 for 1 taste card, it was absolutely gorgeous and if anyone has a nut allergy like me I really recommend it, or any allergy for that matter! They were really knowledgeable and I was even allowed a chocolate cake for pudding (that's a first!). 

Laura xxxx


Poptartsandsex said...

Gorgeous outfit! LOVE the jacket xx

TextBookBeauty said...

Such a lovely top!!!
great post babe xx

M I N G said...

I'm in a long distance too :(
It stinks! Least you got to see your bf though!
No telling when I can see mines again!
I love your top!

stephhayhoe said...

Love this outfit :) xx

Mina said...

Told you that jacket would be a good buy! ;)
lovely outfit girrll

InĂªs Vasconcelos said...

I love that outfit! Gorgeous

Rubie said...

Really love this outfit, you have great style!


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