Friday, 15 February 2013

You're So Cute When You're Slurring Your Speech

Top - Zara, Necklace - Peacocks, Leggings - River Island, Shoes - Fashion Union, Lipstick - Rebel

Hey! Okay been pretty rubbish on the outfit post front, uni takes up so much of my time lately and i've been pretty busy! I wish I had photographed my outfit last night, I wore my new Motel Rocks playsuit out for a meal. My boyfriend surprised me (when I thought I wasn't seeing him until March) and was in my room when I got home from uni, best valentines day!

Anyway, here's a pretty basic day outfit, super comfy for lazing about and catching up on work. I had to go with my boyfriend to his lift (hence the shoes) so quickly photographed when I got back. Slightly different set up today, and not all stood up photos, opinions on this outfit post?

Also, to those of you who haven't seen, I'm holding A GIVEAWAY! It's super simple and if you're a follower all you have to do it comment! So go have a look! Thank you!

Laura xxxx


nokhuthula nyoni said...

I love your boots, they are gorgeous. Plus that necklace goes so well with your look:) Lovely outfit:)
Thank you for following my Blog, followed you too xx

Fran Leanne said...

Love the boots :)


Joan said...

great booties!!

Megan Lillie said...

So simple, yet gorgeous! I love the boots.
Megan xxx

carelessly cut said...

LOVE those boots,

Rosie x

Susan said...

love the chelsea-esque boots, perfectly paired with black tights.

Emily said...

I love the outfit! The crimson color has been a favorite of mine in my wardrobe starting around fall. :)

Emily said...

Oh and your blog header is ADORABLE! How did you get the drawing? :)

HighlandFling said...

The little leather detailing around the neck really makes it! I love it, I need to check out the new stuff in Zara!

E x

Rose Sergent said...

:o amazing shoes! That's so lovely your boyfriend surprised you :) hope you had an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

wow, nice look :)


Jesss said...

I really like this outfit, I love the collar detail on the top!

Jesss xo

twoplicates said...

even though that maroon top is so simple i love it so much just from looking at it haha
i might have to go and buy one for myself :P

xo; L&M

rosina palesado said...

we should follow each other :)


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