Monday, 11 March 2013

Fabb Bloggers Leeds!

Photo's courtesy of Hannah Rose

So as I got ready to get an outfit post done (in a rush) the battery died. Was absolutely gutted to not have a camera but I've been given permission to use the lovely photos by Hannah Rose for this post! I promise next event I will take a camera!

On saturday I headed down to Chilli Whites Leeds for my first ever blogger event! Since moving up north i've felt far away from the blogger world, but luckily I've realised how many bloggers are local. I met some absolutely lovely girls including the wonderful Ms Budget Beauty who I am a massive fan of, the lovely Sarah and Claire of Trebles and a Mixer and Jo from Lespoir de Mavie who was wearing the most incredible neon green blazer from H&M, I need to get on-board with this neon trend asap.

It was a lovely day and we got to meet some incredible companies, eat cupcakes and drink cocktails. Thank you so much to the wonderful Tor from That's peachy and Ray from Ohwhoisshe for organising such a wonderful afternoon! Over the next week I will get around to having a look at everyones blogs and getting in touch with people I met, hope there's another event soon!

Afterwards, I met my boyfriend and went for a lovely meal (with a few more cocktails) at Las Iguanas, if you're a fan of sour drinks I highly recommend the Cherry Fizz, it was incredible! Later we headed off to Leeds Met SU to see Foals (who were incredible as usual) then finished off in the trusty old Dry Dock. Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Will try get an outfit post up soon for you all! :)

Laura xxxx



Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Was so lovely to meet you on Saturday darling, would love to catch up with you again!

Elizabeth Daisy xo

L'espoir de ma vie said...

Thank you for mention sweetie , it was lovely to meet you! You have a great blog and I've been loving lots of your outfits that you've been posting. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime soon in Leeds :) x

Laura. said...

It was a great event !!

Sorry I didn't get to speak to you :(

I'm following you now :)

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