Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dancing Daisies

Jumper - New Look, Dress - Topshop, Sunglasses - Next, Shoes - Office, Watch - Marc Jacobs
Had this post all scheduled but after the rain today I thought I had better alter this a little. I fully made the most of the hot weather this week, and got in a few outfit posts during, then it rained all day today making me look a little silly. So obviously, this wasn't shot today (quick little disclaimer).

I LOVE THIS DRESS. I very nearly paid full price for it, then found it in the sale and obviously had to snap it up. It's pretty short so I always make sure I'm wearing some hot pants/shorts underneath just to be sure, but I love it all the same. I spent the day with my niece and grandma, playing in the park across from my house and making daisy chains. 

However, my shoes are my favourite part of this outfit. I instagrammed these the other week and caused a stream of people to hunt in Office's for them, they must've not be realised down south as quickly as in Leeds. They're beautiful, if not slightly uncomfy on the heels, but I'll let them off because they're pretty.

How did you spend the sunny days?

Laura xxxx

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