Monday, 21 July 2014

Gluten Free Eats - Coop Chicken House - Newcastle

So, I'm a huge Nando's fan, and admittedly their gluten free options are pretty great, but I'm always exploring. Me and my boyfriend had been planning to go to Coop Chicken House for a while, and finally found a chance to head down. I asked right away about Nuts and Gluten, and was visited by the chef. His wife (I think) is coeliac and has eaten everything there completely fine. It's not officially approved as gluten free though because it has to go through formal processes to do so. Please do ask if you visit just to be sure again, but I was completely fine with all the food. So it's a personal preference based on your intolerance!

The chicken comes marinaded, but unlike Nando's where you pick a sauce, you get a shot of sauce to put on. This was great, as me and my boyfriend shared a whole chicken, but could have different levels of spiciness. I was shown which sauces were gluten free, and chose between those. I wasn't a big fan of the sauce I chose (I can't for the life of me remember the name!) but I'll definitely try another one next time, the chicken was beautifully seasoned regardless. The chips were amazing too. Oh and, they do cocktails, that's always a winner with me. 

We finished the meal off with a bacardi coke float (YUM!) and this Apple and Blackcurrant crumble which was made with rice flour, so again, gluten free! Amazing! I definitely struggle to find places with gluten free desserts, so was pleasantly surprised by this as it was lovely!

If you're ever in Newcastle I definitely recommend a visit! Coop Chicken House is right by the Station on Collingwood Street. Visit their website here!

Laura xxx

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