Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fashion Film - Opaque

Hey! A bit of a different post today. I want to keep my blog personal and diverse so want to include more art and fashion. I study Fashion Concepts and Communication at Leeds College of Art, so thought I would start sharing some of my work with you all!

This is a Fashion Film and Zine I produced as one of my submissions in second year. I was exploring the personality behind a model, using an ironic title of Opaque. The aim was to explore how the model would portray themselves, allowing their personality to shine through, as opposed to a directed movement. 

Opaque from Laura Sweetingham on Vimeo.

For my film, all but one outfit was the models own, and all were picked by the model. I chose the location, but once I begun to film allowed the model to move how she wanted, and direct herself. I had carried out my own personal research prior to the filming into video styling and had an idea of how I wanted the final edit to look, but this was changed drastically when I allowed my model to direct herself.

My model, Joanna Kelly (she's beginning her own blog so I'll link her soon!) begun to dance along to the music we were playing, it completely transformed my approach to the film and inspired the rest of my project.

The brief itself was set by Harvey Nichols, so much of the footage and imagery are also inspired from an exploration into the brands own promotional material, and an on set shoot I produced using clothes from the store. I kept a similar styling theme throughout to market a specific audience.

The Zine had a similar concept to the film, with a feature called "Front" to explore further the way in which the image we view is a front, and not always the models own expression. The Zine also features Imagery shot for a brief set by Urban Outfitters, the studio shoot styled by myself using clothes provided by Harvey Nichols, stills from my Fashion Film and an interview with a photographer.

Hope you've all enjoyed me sharing some of my personal work! 

Laura xxx


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