Thursday, 6 November 2014

My Week in Photos & an Update!

Hey! Everytime I post I apologies for being absent so I thought I'd do a proper explanation. For my dissertation I'm exploring Fashion Blogging, and as research I'm changing around my blog and working on it to create something new, and different. Please help me by taking just a few minutes to answer my dissertation questionnaire! I'll also be producing work with other bloggers and featuring them, so please let me know your blog address when you answer as I'll be contacting those who do to see if they're interested to help! Click here to help me!
1 Starbucks Christmas Cups! Early mornings = Large Coffee's.The Skin saviour.Dissertation Questionnaire! Please help me by answering some quick questions here.

Monday mornings. Toughest decisions I face on a week night. 6 Cosy sunday night in

Louis Vuitton Sketching. Huge Missguided Haul Inspiration for my Louis Vuitton Shoot 


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