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Beauty - Coloristiq - The New Nail Varnish Rental Service

A couple of weeks ago I had a nail varnish clear out. I used to change my nail colour a few times a week, and always had perfectly long nails, but over the past couple of years I've had a job where I was unable to keep up my tradition. The result? A few nail varnishes I knew I'd never wear and 10+ that had dried up, despite being over half full. Perhaps it was a little bit of fate that I then was introduced to a new kind of beauty box, a Nail Varnish Rental Service, by Coloristiq

Coloristiq Box*

Already interested? I'll be including a great discount code (and a little freebie) at the end.

It's a combination of Birchbox and Rent the Runway, but mixed together and for Nail Varnishes. You are able to make a wish list online of chosen colours, and then each month you get a box of three posted to you. These polishes are yours for the month (please note there is a limit to applications, three per bottle which allows 2-3 nail changes a week), at the end of the month, you then pop them back in the box with the prepaid postage label and send them off, awaiting your next box. The brands involved include Essie, OPI, China Glaze and Morgan Taylor and they have such a wide selection of colours, have a look here. All amazing quality polishes that have a slightly higher price point. A couple of these would set you back more then the price of one box, without the freedom of new colours each month.

As for the colours I received, they are all so perfect for Christmas! I recently purchased a powder blue dress and can't wait to pair the blue shade with it! It's called December to Remember, what a cute name! I also really want to try out some christmas nail art and this green would be perfect, although I probably wouldn't wear it on my nails as a whole. The green shade is called Paper Chasing.

China Glaze Colours left to right: December to Remember, Paper Chasing, Define Good.

The price itself is great for the quality of polishes and compared to the going rate of nail varnish salons. Personally, I either go to get acrylics or use false nails. My most recent set of acrylics actually had this colour (Define Good) painted on them, so it was perfect for me to give them an extra oomph and a colour I already knew I loved.

Now that I've stopped rambling I'll get to the good bit. If you subscribe by Christmas day you can get the subscription service for just £9.99 a month (usual fee £14.49), AND on top of this, if you use the code Lauracinnamon1 you'll receive your first box FREE! Why not give it a go? It'd make an amazing christmas present! 

Don't worry if you don't sign up before Christmas or if you're reading this later on, you can still get your first box for free with the code Lauracinnamon1!

What do you think of this new service?

Laura xxx


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