Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gluten Free Eats - Urban Angel & Archipelago Bakery - Edinburgh

A Saturday morning stroll looking for breakfast brought us to Urban Angel. Just off of Queen Street, it's a quick walk from Edinburgh centre, and a lovely cafe. There was a wait for a table, although our 20 minute wait ended up being about 5, always a good thing!

(not my photo, forgot to take one sorry)

I went for Poached Eggs on Gluten Free toast with Bacon and Mushroom. Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of the crunchy bacon but judging by most menu's I read it's a pretty standard thing in Edinburgh so I can't argue with that. They toast the Gluten Free Bread on a separate toaster and attempt to keep cross contamination to a minimum, which is perfect for an Intolerant person like me! 

I also got a perfectly made Iced Latte (they asked how many sugars I wanted and added when the expresso was hot so that it dissolved), and my boyfriend opted for the Sunshine Smoothie, which I unfortunately couldn't try as they use peanut butter in their smoothies and blender.

The eggs were cooked perfectly, just enough to be runny but not messy. And the Gluten Free Bread was the best I've had, even my boyfriend loved it! The waitress told us that it came from a Bakery around the corner (that we had eyed up on the way down) so we decided to take a trip after we'd eaten and have a look.

A quick trip to the nearby Bakery was definitely a good idea. The baker was lovely, she told us all about her free from and gluten free options, and even shared some articles she'd researched regarding gluten and things such as Spelt Bread. Apparently, the low gluten content make it okay to eat, so I may have to try!

Of course we couldn't leave empty handed, so got ourselves a Gluten Free Brownie made with Ground Almonds.

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