Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Gluten Free Pancakes - Original Crepe's

After making my Healthy(ish) Gluten Free Pancakes the other day I just couldn't resist making some more. I was fully craving just regular old pancakes in crepe style like I used to make with my dad every weekend. I had a go making them, using Gluten Free Self-raising flour again (I'm sure it's exactly the same as plain flour, it's just so fine!) and the result was something identical to the normal!

The recipes pretty standard to pancakes, but I wanted to share it with those of you who think Gluten Free means no pancake day! (I certainly did before trying these!)

What you need:
(Makes 4/5 large thin pancakes)

- 250 ml Milk
- 125 g Gluten Free Flour of your choice (I used Self-raising as it's what I had in)
- 1 Egg

Optional garnishes, I used Lemon Juice and sugar while my boyfriend had Maple Syrup. I also added some raspberries, but you can really use whatever your favourite is!

Possibly the best trick I learnt from my dad is to add the milk slowly, this ensures there is no flour clumps at all in the mixture. Admittedly, with the fineness of Gluten Free Flour I doubt this would be a problem. 

Add together the flour and egg, whisking up until you get a doughy texture. Slowly add the milk, with half the milk my mixture was the texture shown above, then with all of it, the texture shown below. 

Then simply add some oil into a frying pan and add your mixture. Tilt the pan to spread it out and get a thin wide pancake. Cook until the underneath starts to brown then flip if you can, or attempt to turn it over with a spatula if you can't. Cook slightly on the other side, again until it browns, then serve up!

I added some Lemon Juice, Sugar and Raspberries for my garnish. I'm making these again today and am going to go for a chocolatey pancake as an ultimate guilty pleasure, it is pancake day after all!

Are you having pancakes today? What is your favourite garnish for them?

Laura xxx


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Joana Teixeira said...

They look so tasty :)

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