Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Juicing with Curry's - #currysintrojuicing

On Sunday after a long shift at work and minimal sleep I headed into Leeds for a much needed health kick and detox. Joe's Blogs contacted me and invited me along to this amazing event hosted by them and Curry's to promote their new Juicers. You can see their post all about the event, featuring more photos and juice recipes here!

I've always been pretty into my fitness and having to live on a gluten free diet has encouraged me to eat much healthier and step outside my comfort zone a bit more. I already have regular smoothies, but generally use fruit over veg, so this was a great introduction into veggie juice. I'm definitely going to try and incorporate it into my diet with my more regular gym visits this year!

This is definitely one of my favourite events that I've attended. There was so much thought put into the different areas and loads to do, it was also really informative! 

We were separated into groups, my group were first to eat the soup, two gluten free soups were provided, Mushroom and Truffle was by far my favourite! I was absolutely starving so this was the best way to start off my day. Next we moved onto the Nutrition Advice.

Nutrishan's Shakela ran advice section, telling us all about what different vegetables and fruits do to benefit you and the extra bits you can add for bonuses, like oils for your skin. She made her favourite juice, the Radiance Skin Juice, which smelt really peppery but tasted INCREDIBLE. I am honestly in love with this juice and went back for seconds! It contained Carrots, Red Pepper, Apple, Ginger Root and Flaxseed Oil, which sounds disgusting so I'm amazed at how much I enjoyed it!

Shakela also gave us great advice, such as using glass containers to hold your juices to encourage them to last longer (for example if you want to make them the night before to drink the next day).

This was definitely my favourite station and we got to take away a variety of recipes which I can't wait to try! 

The next station was the Mocktail Station. Here we got to play around a bit ourselves making some juices that tasted sweet and yummy like cocktails (minus the alcohol). These were lovely and definitely something I'd recreate at home! My favourite was a combination of Blueberries, Watermelon, Lime, Apple and Beetroot. Not quite cocktails but still some really fruity and yummy concoctions. 

The final two stations included a playground station, where we had free reign over making our own juices, which were much more experimental and definitely not as yummy as the previous ones. (I made one that just tasted of lime, I love lime but it was definitely too sour for me!) Juicing is a skill that requires practise and some recipe knowledge around tastes! Some of the girls tried an all green juice with everything green on the table, it came out with quite a lot of bits but was actually really nice!

Finally, there was a Rocket Yoga session hosted by Amanda from YogaElementz. I attend Yoga lessons 3 times a week at my local gym, although it's a cross between Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, and as a regular I know the routine to concentrate on my own structure instead. I've never tried Rocket Yoga but LOVED it! It really does work your body and push you. It's much more fast paced that my usual Yoga Classes, and of course was harder as we tried to keep up with the routine. My favourite part was lying down at the end with a pillow over our eyes that smelt of Lavender. Could have fallen asleep there and then!

A huge thank you to Joe's Blogs for inviting me down and Curry's for all of the amazing Juices! I've got a juicer down on my birthday list now, my blender will be neglected!

Have you tried the Juicing trend yet?

Laura xxx


Kirstie said...

I forgot about the lime-tastic one we made at the end! Yummy.

Great post, was fab meeting you at the event :)

Kirstie xo.
Between Cloud & Concrete

Christina Campbell Hughes said...

Just found your blog via Gabriella's so hi! :) It sounds like such a fun event!
I really want to get a juicer or a smoothie maker or something of the sort. My friend, Claire, has one and she made me some when I visisted her. They tasted so good. The Radiance Skin Juice you had at the event sounds delicious. I've had carrots and apples together before and it was so yummy. This sounds even better!

Christina x
Christina Campbell Hughes

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