Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beauty Matters Salon Launch - Garforth, Leeds

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the reopening of the Beauty Matters Salon in Garforth, Leeds. Beauty Matters is one of the oldest independently owned Beauty Salon Businesses in Leeds. Melanie Philbin established the brand in 1999, opening the Garforth salon initially, and then later opened one in Rothwell which is really local to where I live, so I'm definitely going to be paying a visit before I leave Leeds. 

First off, the salon itself is absolutely beautiful. The sign outside is welcoming and it has such a home-like feel. We were greeted with Prosecco and quickly went to explore the various rooms. First off was 3D lipo, something I'd never heard of. The specialist was really helpful answering all of my questions and it definitely gathered a crowd. 

Personally I wouldn't undergo any body surgery, but this non-invasive procedure is definitely something I'll keep in mind for the future. It offers non-surgical fat removal, treatment of cellulite and skin tightening. The woman undergoing treatment looked comfortable and said she couldn't feel anything, the most uncomfortable part is lying down for an hour, a treat on the comfortable beds with mood lighting in room. Normally, the specialist says she lights candles and leaves the room, checking back regularly, of course for viewing reasons this wasn't the case that day, but it sounds like a treat!

HOW DREAMY IS THIS ROOM?! This room complete with buddhas and mood lighting was definitely my favourite. Perfect for a facial with a friend or massage with a partner. I've become fully obsessed with Buddha's ever since booking a holiday in Ibiza, our Villa comes with many of it's own and I just love them. The changing lights make this such a relaxing and welcoming room, and the beds look so comfy, perfect!

Post exploring and while we waited for an exciting treatment that was starting at half six (I couldn't stop checking the time in anticipation) we headed back downstairs for more prosecco, some canap├ęs and a talk from Melanie herself about the re-opening and complete transformation of the salon in the new premises.

Half six came and we ran back upstairs to watch a lady get her eyebrows tattooed. Yep. Wow. Lydia Millen had tweeted sharing the fact that she was getting hers done the same day and I will naively admit it was the first I'd heard of the procedure. Don't worry, it's only temporary! Due to the nature of area tattooed and the pigment used, the eyebrows fade and are only guaranteed to last around 18 months. 

The tattooist spent a long time drawing and perfecting the eyebrows before beginning. She explained that she thinks this it's so important to have them perfect before beginning, and to be sure that the client loves them. There was a lot of raising and lowering of the brows and even drawn on in Black Pen the shape was gorgeous! She mixed a medium brown pigment, ensuring the client she can return if she wants them darkened, and begun the treatment. I didn't stay for the whole procedure, but they looked amazing when I left. My friend is now desperate to go get hers done with the same tattooist due to the planning, precision and skill she had!

Finally I learnt all about my skin with a skin analysis from Environ. I wasn't too surprised with most of the results as I do know my skin quite well and consider what products I use around that. Unfortunately my sun damage was my most shocking one. I use SPF daily and was really surprised by how damaged my skin was. Definitely upping the factor of my suncream this summer!

I was told to include more Vitamin A in my skincare to help repair my damaged skin and speed it's recovery process. They recommended a number of products for me and my skin and I found it such a helpful experience!

I got to take home the Environ AVST 1 Moisturiser and a Body Pamper Pack so I will definitely be sharing my opinion once I've had a good try of them!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to stay and get my nails done, look at the incredible selection of Shellac colours!! However I'm definitely going to be paying them a visit with some of my friends for a little pamper day!

All the treatments mentioned (and loads more) are available at the Garforth Salon located at 62C Main Street, Garforth, Leeds, LS25 1AA with lots of free parking just across the road. 

A huge thank you to Beauty Matters and Faith PR for inviting me down to the re-opening and good luck to Melanie and the beautiful newly re-invented Salon!

Laura xxx

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