Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Little Weekend Round-up

Hey! Just thought I'd share a quick little round up of my weekend. I've had a mini blog break and social media (twitter) break as I've been spending all my time enjoying myself with my family, so apologies for the lack of blogging! I love that I've gone from apologising for not blogging for months, to apologising when I don't blog for a few days. Proud of myself there! 

First off, how beaaaautiful is this wedding cake that my sister made?! She's one of the people I'm featuring in my Inspirational series for my final major and I filmed some of the making of this! 

The weekend started with SUN, which means watermelon for breakfast, perfect!

I headed off into Leeds for some shopping with my mum, I was loving the excuse to wear some summery clothes and try and catch a tan. Then we went to get our nails done, part of the prize from the Mother's Day competition I won. Look at the huge selection of colours at Pastille! I had a shellac manicure and am so pleased with the results. The girls were so lovely and it was a really luxurious salon experience.

Here's a couple that didn't make it onto Instagram, the beautiful view from our hotel room, and the gorgeous interior at the Pastille salon!

One of the best parts of this weekend - getting to see my Boyfriend. He lives up in Newcastle and we don't get to see each other often, so it was lovely to have a full and busy weekend with him! And those are the yummy cocktails me and my mum enjoyed at Livin' Italy, another prize from the Mother's Day competition!

On Friday night, we headed down to Rare for a meal. I only had a main course but am going to do a short review on my blog this week, stay tuned!

Saturday was spent at the Zoo! Perfect action shot of my Niece running along. And a photo of all the sweets (I bought a bag full) because I have a huge sweet tooth. We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, it was amazing and I'd definitely recommend it! You were able to walk through a number of enclosures, and there are even Polar Bear's! It's clearly going through a large expansion so I can only Imagine it will get better.

Finally, a couple of family photos. Here's my boyfriend reading a story to my Nephew Noah, and another of Noah with my cousins. I had such a wonderful weekend spending time with all my family. I don't get to see them often now that I live 4 hours from my parents, and am always busy with Uni and work. 

How have you spent your weekend?

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Laura xx


rebeccalikestotravel said...

I absolutely ADORE the pose the BF was channelling in your photo. I full on LOLed. Have you ever thought about doing a long distance tips post at all? Getting so much inspo haha! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I had a bit of a social media break too this week which has been so nice! ❤️
Bee xxx
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Corinne said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love Yorkshire Wildlife Park - who would have thought that something like that could be in Doncaster??

Corinne x

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