Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Coachella Style & Snaps

After spending my morning pinning away some of my favourite looks and snaps from Coachella I thought it was only fitting that I shared them on here. I have fallen in  love with Pinterest and am always looking for new people to follow, so pop over to my Pinterest and have a look! 

Here are some of my favourite looks (and photos) from Coachella. All have been sourced and linked below the images. You can see all of these and more over at my Coachella Pinterest Board.

Coachella Style, Fashion Inspiration

Coachella Style, Fashion Inspiration
Source: @CamillaMackintosh
I'm always envious of Millie's lifestyle, but when Coachella comes around she shares some of the best photos around. Can't wait to sip cocktails by the pool with my friends in Ibiza this summer! I love how simple she keeps her style at these kind of events. She wore just some denim shorts and a backless bodysuit but it still became one of my favourite looks!

Coachella Style, Fashion Inspiration
Source: @KendallJenner
 I never really got into the whole Kardashian obsession and I'm not a big Kylie fan but I adore Kendall. I love her fashion and think she is beautiful. The shot in the car is just perfect in every way, I desperately want a suede jacket! I also love her headpiece in the second image, the perfect summer accessory!

Coachella Style, Fashion Inspiration

Coachella Style, Fashion Inspiration

Coachella Style, Fashion Inspiration
Source: @songofstyle
Aimee Song was by far my favourite Instagrammer this Coachella. Every outfit she posted was stunning and she shared lots of images of her surroundings which made me even more envious of her adventures. The second image is one of my favourites, I love the lace up gladiator sandals and am definitely going to hunt some down for this summer. And how PERFECT is the house she stopped in during the festival?! (third photo) I'm a sucker for cute lilo's and am still having to resist the temptation to buy the doughnut one! 
I also LOVE the white dress in the second to last outfit. So puffy and gorgeous and completely my style. 

Hope you enjoyed this style of post! Should I share more of these when I start up a new Pinterest board? Have you got Pinterest? Leave your link below and I'll check yours out!

Laura xx



Sophies Little Secrets said...

How amazing does it look there! I dare not search for coachella on Pinterest or I'll be on it all day. So much style inspiration, it's a shame it's still freezing here haha


Alex Quinn said...
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Alex Quinn said...

This looks amazing! I wish I was at coachella this year!
Alex // www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

Kerry Brown said...

Im so jealous of everyone who attended Coachella, It looked so amazing! I nearly cried watching the coachella snapchat.
Ps. I have nominated you & your lovely blog for The Liebster Award, check out http://unfashionablesundays.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/the-liebster-awards.html
and let me know if you do it, would love to see your answers. x x

Danielle said...

i think kendall & kylie have really great style, i was going to go to coachella this year but i think next year will be better!

danielle | avec danielle

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