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Long Distance Relationship - Advice & Tips

When I went to Kavos on a girls holiday five years ago, the last thing I expected was to meet my boyfriend. Years on, we still have never lived in the same city, and with me planning to move to London after Uni and him working in Newcastle, that isn't changing anytime soon. I'm no expert but I've definitely picked up some tips along the way and learnt to make the distance work! Here's some little tips and advice for those of you starting a Long Distance Relationship or moving away from a partner for University or Work.
Long Distance Relationship Advice Post

Every relationship is different.

I've always been in a Long Distance Relationship, I never went from seeing someone lots to never seeing someone, and can honestly say I think that would be harder! You may not progress through your relationship as quickly as your friends who see their boyfriends weekly. You may argue more or less, but none of that matters. Don't compare your relationship, or how much time you spend with your partner. It's individual to you and doesn't reflect on how happy you are or how much you love each other. (Sorry for the soppy opening there).

You need to be on the same page.

Make sure you both have the same goals/plans. Long Distance is A LOT of work and can get really hard. Ultimately, it isn't worth it if you don't plan on a future together. Me and my boyfriend didn't discuss any of this for a long time and it used to really eat away at me and make things a lot harder, it's definitely worth being more bold and honest in this kind of situation!

Long Distance Relationship Advice Post
Make as much time for each other as you can.

This doesn't mean seeing each other all the time! Making sure you take time each day to have a phone call, FaceTime or Skype each other is really important! I text Dan all day, but never feel like I've fully caught up until I speak to him for even just 30 seconds. I'll call quickly to say hi then hang up within a minute to do something, but simply speaking for a few moments, immediately makes you feel closer.

Don't let it take over your home life.

By home life, I mean the time you spend with family, friends and other people. Personally, having a relationship separate from all of this is my favourite part about being Long Distance. It's great to want to see each other, but you need to make sure you continue to have time to see family and friends and those who will always be there for you.

Long Distance Relationship Advice Post
Avoid being in limbo.

Try and always know when you're next going to see each other. I don't mean that you need to have "20 days to go!" countdowns on your phone, but knowing it's just 3 weeks until I see my boyfriend always helps me get through tough times, hard shifts at work and stressful days at Uni. Right now, I don't know when I'll next see him just because I'm so busy with my final Uni deadline, but we always try and plan it as soon as we can!

Remember, it's not permanent!

The main reason I'm happy to move to London and live 6/7 hours from Dan, is that I fully intend on having a future with him. Even if it's another 5 years before we live in the same city, we have years ahead of us to enjoy that kind of closeness, and ultimately my career comes first right now.

Long Distance Relationship Advice Post
And finally, enjoy the time you spend together! 

I tend to see my boyfriend once a month. We indulge ourselves, going out for meals, having lazy days watching films, exploring new cities and binging on takeaways. This isn't a luxury people who see each other often have, as some of the excitement is lost and it'd end up very expensive. Make up for lost time and make the most of the time you have. When it's time to say goodbye, have that next date set to make it easier, and start planning the next adventure!

Laura xx


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Jessie-Ann Lewis said...

I love this post! I met my boyfriend (also called Dan) on holiday in Magaluf three years ago haha! He does live really close to me though (about a fifteen minute drive) and we do have mutual friends so it hasn't been as long distance, but we've never really been constantly together as I'm always back and fore in university. I have decided to do a masters next year now and was a bit gutted at the though of another year away from him but this post has made me see the benefits. It's great because I can only see him on weekends and really look forward to it. Plus it gives me time to do things for myself too! :) Great post!! xx

Jessie |

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