Monday, 11 May 2015

A Lush Haul - The City Girls Treats

I'm a huge lover of LUSH, I always have a box of bath bombs to choose from and adore the "Big" shampoo. I've not ventured far into their other products, I once bought a fresh face mask but I was so rubbish and remembering to put it back in the fridge it didn't last too long, but I've really been wanting to try some more of their products, so I was absolutely over the moon when they were at The City Girls event that I mentioned in my previous outfit post. I got my hands dirty making my own Cleanser and learnt all about their new shampoo bars which are reallyyyyy exciting!

Lush Product Haul

Lush Product Haul - Cleanser

Lush Product Haul

Lush Product Haul - Cleanser

Lush Product Haul - Cleanser
Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser* 
I've only used the cleanser a couple of times but I love it. It has lavender in it so is perfect in the evening and has really helped me to sleep! This followed by Midnight Recovery by Kiehl's is like a dream.

It is a fresh cleanser so you can only keep it a few months, BUT it doesn't need to be kept in a fridge which makes me so happy. 

Lush Product Haul - Moisturiser

Lush Product Haul - Moisturiser
Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner*
This limited edition Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner is incredible. I love how it sinks into your skin so nicely and it's left my skin feeling incredible! A little goes a long way and it smells amazing, not an overly sweet strawberry smell, more of a subtle hint, which is amazing! I think I might give it it's proper purpose and buy a tub for my Mum as I know she'll love this as much as I do!

Lush Product Haul - Suntan Lotion
Sesame Suntan Lotion*
This suntan lotion scares me a little. It smelt like peanut butter so I've done an allergy test and I'm all good, but my main worry is that it's only SPF 10. I always wear 30+ on my face daily, 30+ on holiday and 50+ on my face on holiday, so I'm not too sure when I'd get good use out of this! I think I may try and get into a routine of using it on warmer summer days in the UK when I wouldn't typically put on a heavy factor. It's got such an interesting smell and left my skin so soft, not the usual clogged up feeling suncream gives you, just wishing it was a stronger SPF so I could slather myself in it all summer. It's 100ml which is PERFECT to pop in your hand luggage for a flight, definitely a positive factor!

Lush Product Haul - Bathbomb

Lush Product Haul

Not much to say about this bath bomb (the Rosebud?) as I haven't used it yet. I may have squashed it a little bit and the bag is now full of pink powder/glitter so I'm REALLY excited to pop this in a bath at the end of a long day when I need a good relax. 

Lush Product Haul - Shampoo bars

Lush Product Haul - Shampoo Bars
Shampoo Bars*
And last but certainly not least are these Shampoo bars (prepare for an essay guys!). I was so excited when they introduced these to us as I'd recently gotten my hair done and my hairdresser noticed a build up of product on my scalp. He put it down to the fact that I use a creamy shampoo, and warned me that it'll encouraged my hair to get greasy, so I was already on the look out for a new product to use. I have two because Gabby from Whatshebuys accidentally combined my orange one with alcohol, so insisted I took hers too! I've only used the orange one so far and I LOVE IT! These are incredible. They're like soaps and you just lather them up in your hands a bit, and rub it into your hair. In theory, they should last 5 times longer than a shampoo bottle, so I will report back on that! But, since using this, I've only needed to wash my hair every other day, which is a HUGE difference for me. Short hair means I touch my hair a lot, and normally end the day with greasy hair even when I've washed it that morning. It feels fresh and natural, not giving your hair the overly soft Herbal Essences feel that you deep down know is all fake, but it's been the perfect combination for my hair. Each Shampoo Bar has different purposes so have a look at what one would be best for you, and definitely give one a go, at just £5.75 each it's really worth it!

Lush Product Haul

Whats your favourite Lush product?

*All products were gifted by LUSH at The City Girls event but all opinions are entirely honest and my own.*

Laura xx

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